Open thread: What’s your longest running, un-finished house project?

vintage-paper-dollPROCRASTINATION. I am now up to Year Seven in terms of not finishing painting the trim around my living room/dining room window.  Really, it’s totally ridiculous, because this is not even something kind of hidden — these windows are right in the heart and center of the house. The reason for the delay? My windows are huge, vintage Andersen Windo-Walls that are really heavy and hard to take in and out. And now, the paint for the job is all disgusting and rotten in the can. Will I find the energy to tackle this gosh-darn project this spring? Don’t bet on it.

So…What’s the project in your house that’s taking you the longest to complete, and why?

  1. DawnLyne says:

    The walls in my living/dining room & kitchen are all half painted going on 7 years now! Made the mistake of moving in before I finished painting! Ugh!!! To be fair to myself I have since become disabled so everything seems to take longer! Lol….

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