Open thread: What’s your longest running, un-finished house project?

vintage-paper-dollPROCRASTINATION. I am now up to Year Seven in terms of not finishing painting the trim around my living room/dining room window.  Really, it’s totally ridiculous, because this is not even something kind of hidden — these windows are right in the heart and center of the house. The reason for the delay? My windows are huge, vintage Andersen Windo-Walls that are really heavy and hard to take in and out. And now, the paint for the job is all disgusting and rotten in the can. Will I find the energy to tackle this gosh-darn project this spring? Don’t bet on it.

So…What’s the project in your house that’s taking you the longest to complete, and why?

  1. DawnLyne says:

    The walls in my living/dining room & kitchen are all half painted going on 7 years now! Made the mistake of moving in before I finished painting! Ugh!!! To be fair to myself I have since become disabled so everything seems to take longer! Lol….

  2. Sydney says:

    Our fireplace is still unfinished after six years this spring. We had a rustic, camping-lodge style stone fireplace surround in our 1950 stone Cape Cod. It was in our knotty pine living room–it looked cute, but not in that great of shape….. It began detaching from the wall, and my husband discovered that in the crawl space, its “supports” consisted of sand and old asphalt shingles.

    So, it came out….as did the non-supported slate floor and hearth area. We had a hole in our living room floor for about two years, sealed with blankets and two by fours. Classy!

    Then, I got pregnant with my son, and said “it’s time to get serious!” We picked some (no longer mined) mid century appropriate bluestone slate from a local quarry’s scrap pile, and had our big plan. It took another year for anything to get built, but he did fix the foundation and hearth…. I guess even he would agree that deadfall traps and babies don’t mix.

    Eventually, my husband built the fireplace, the mantle took another year (Walnut milled from a felled tree on our property). Now, all that’s left is for him to lay the remaining slate up to the ceiling The original had knotty pine above the mantel, but the boards over the fireplace had rot, so we’re carrying the fireplace all the way up.

    My boy will be three in May, and I’m crossing my fingers that this will be the year!

  3. Mike says:

    The toilet from my 1/2 bath has been sitting in my living room for 73 months. The wax seal was leaking and I didn’t discover until it soaked into a lot of a cheap parkay flooring job done by the previous owners. I pulled the toilet, then pulled the floor, then decided I didn’t like the wall paper. When I pulled the wallpaper, there was another layer of wallpaper under that but wasn’t sized or even painted under the first layer of wallpaper. Some of the drywall paper came off in that removal. I fixed some of the holes and installed a new floor but couldn’t decide on a new design so I left it. Hey don’t expect me to work on anything while football season is going on. I’m slowly getting there now but still don’t know what I want.

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