10 reasons I’m glad I don’t live in the 50s: A Retro Renovation re-run


WHEN YOU DO A BLOG LIKE THIS, people can jump to the conclusion that you want to actually live back in those “good ole days”. This couldn’t be farther from the truth in my case. I just like the design and believe in understanding and working with a house’s original design before you arbitrarily gut it…don’t read any more into it. In fact, here are my top-10 reasons that I’m very happy, thank you very much, to be living in 2009.

tevas.jpg10. Clogs and Teva’s — When my feet are happy, I am happy.

9. Crash safety standards — Cars really are much, much safer and better made today. Dollar for dollar, a great buy. P.S. I am a Ford girl though-and-through, take a look at these, readers.

8. Second bathrooms — We actually have three, a critical basis for familial harmony.

7. Free markets — I truly believe that liberal economic policies are the foundation for peace.

6. Yoga — The Beatles brought it here in the 60s sort of, didn’t they? Buddhism, too. For me, has provided much wisdom.

5. Stephen Colbert — Makes me roll on the floor laughing every night.

4. Civil rights — Goes hand-in-hand with free markets.
3. Birth control — For women, civil rights addressed the philosophical, the Pill solved the technical.

2. Our medical system — I have a somewhat contrarian point of view on all of this. While I know ‘the system’ could be better, I also believe that we should thank our lucky stars and count our blessings every day that we have an economy and medical research system that produces advance after advance after advance to help solve major medical issues that used to simply kill us. Because of this, I believe, we should also recognize that we are going to have to pay a lot more for all of this MORE BIGGER BETTER, and in fact should be grateful for the opportunity even as ‘imperfect’ as the system yet may be.


1. My morning coffee maker on a timer, and my Mr. Coffee cappucino maker from Target. 9 hours sleep and two big cups of Joe ready to go every morning are just the very very best and the secret to my success ha ha. And in the afternoon, I am in control of my own latte destiny.

This post was originally published in March 2008.

  1. Mike S says:

    So many reasons I’d like to visit the ’50s, and many why I wouldn’t, so speaking of today, I like:

    • Cars with a gazillion cup holders
    • LED lighting
    • Smart phones
    • Keurig coffee makers
    • Specialty coffees to brew in my Keurig coffee maker
    • Soy milk to put in my specialty coffees
    • Large cups from which to enjoy my specialty coffees
    • Travel mugs for taking coffee with me
    • Vinyl flooring which looks exactly like wood
    • Laptop computers
    • Wi-Fi
    • Flat screen televisions
    • Electric heaters which look like fireplaces
    • “Big Box” home improvement stores
    • Highways (Thanks, Ike)
    • Etsy
    • Mid Century Modern blogs
    • Manufacturers of Mid Century Modern stuff
    • Pink bathrooms? Yeah, they’re pretty cool

    … and much, much more.

    Thank you for the site, Pam, and all you’re doing!

  2. Jason says:

    Actually…..maybe it wouldn;t be a bad idea to go back and spend a few weeks living in the 1950’s…….if for no other purpose than to experience it first hand so that we can enjoy our wonderful modern age………which to the people who ldid live in the 1950’s was a wonderful modern age!

    Who then, could imagine the techological advances and products that we have to day? One must experience the time in CONTEXT to itself…without comparison to our own time, to really understand it.

    I’d love to visit the Blue Note in Chicago, the Village Vanguard in New York, the Copacabana, Ciro’s in Los Angeles, experiencing live performances of June Christy, Stan Kenton, Chris Connor, Frank Sinatra, Martin & Lewis, et al. What wonderful entertainment…….!!!!!

  3. Christopher Christenson says:

    1. The Pill
    2. Hair gel
    3. The 80’s/90’s
    4. Ipods
    5. Ebay
    6. Color TV
    7. Microwave Ovens
    8. botox
    9. lptops & internet (see # 5)
    10. Lindsay Lohan (although Annette Funicello was nice to look at)

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