Midcentury modern post lantern from Besa Lighting

midcentury-modern-lightingmidcentury-modern-wall-lantern Jennifer gets snaps for sending us this very nice midcentury style post lantern, with matching wall lantern. to consider for out front. Finding appropriate outdoor lighting is always a hot topic, with not *that many* resources on our list yet. So this is a very welcome addition. Here’s what Jennifer writes:

I’ve been searching for a nice mid-century outdoor post lamp for a long time and finally found one that fits the bill perfectly. It’s made by Besa Lighting, model 3356. I haven’t ordered it so I can’t speak to the quality but I was so excited about it, I thought it’d be nice to share with others. – Jennifer

Yes, you are nice to share, Jennifer, thank you! I poked around the site – and I agree that you have nailed the model that has the best a retro/midcentury feel. It’s that hood-umbrella thingy – you see those in midcentury homes. The other Besa lighting fixtures (while appealing and I especially like their ribbed glass globes, so cool) are too contemporary/Euro-style/today for our older houses, I tend to think.  Good eye, J.

To find this light for sale online, type the name Besa Lighting 3356 into google to find retailers. This light is no longer shown on the Besa website as of 1/1/11.

  1. Katie P says:

    So, I know I’m late to the part on this one… about 6 years too late…But wanted to know if anyone has any other good resources for mid-century inspired landscape lighting or lamp posts??

  2. Molly says:

    FYI for all. Both hubby and I fell in love with this light when Pam first posted it. In fact, it was the only light we could agree on! By the time we had money saved up, we called several places that said they had stock online, but they actually didn’t. We finally found one website (LightingDirect.com) where we could talk to a real live person who did actual research for us and told us that BESA had discontinued this line because it was difficult to manufacture the glass but that they were filling past orders. We got to piggy back on one of these past orders since we only wanted four of the sconces.

    The lights took several months to arrive but were totally worth the wait. They are larger than I expected, but very sturdy and well-made. They are all glass and metal – no plastic at all. Hubby and I have decided that after all we went through for these lights, if we ever move, we’re taking them with us!

  3. Lauren says:

    Now, this is a topic I have never considered doing research on, so thanks for the inspiration (btw- this website is endlessly inspiring me!!)..
    Saw this website which has a ton of selections, but nothing mind blowing.
    There’s this: http://www.shopoutdoorlighting.com/OL34899.htm which I quite like!!
    and this one, which is only cool because of the holes:
    Also – the wesbite has a BBB affiliation, so that’s always a plus 🙂

  4. Susan says:

    These are a great set for mid century, good clean line. I look forward to hear about the quality. Out door is fun to hunt for.

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