Rachel and her 1964 Comet Caliente time capsule car

Romancing the Road

Reader Frank gets snaps for spotting this great video — a true “time capsule” car. I’m thinkin’ this is the platform just before the first-ever Mustang (a 64-1/2 model) came out. Thanks, Frank, keep ’em coming!

Hi Pam,

The link below is not necessarily on topic of retro homes, but it is a cute story about an 89-year-old woman who still drives her immaculate 1964 Mercury Comet with 540,000 miles on the odometer. I’d guess you could call it a time capsule car. Just like the mid century ranch homes, the cars of the 1960’s had beautiful clean lines. Thanks for keeping up your great site.


More info on Rachel and her care: Growing Bolder website

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  1. John Taylor says:

    Hip Hip Horay to the Sweet Little Lady. My Grandma Russell had a car just like that little Comet Mercury when I was in Grade School and Jr. High back in the 1970’s. Now Friends that little baby is Retro and oh so many cheers to the Owner and her Philosophy on life and the car. Long Live the Past and Long live NOW.


  2. John Korolow says:

    Wonderful! This is why many old cars are NOT clunkers. As a fan and owner of 1960s American cars for many years, I can tell you that these cars were made to last (and when they don’t have tons of power accessories like power windows, power locks, power this n that…) they are even better because the manual accessories are just simpler and a snap to fix if they ever do need maintenance. Many of these old Fords from Falcons to Mustangs to Fairlanes to Galaxie 500s and even Country Squire station wagons get very decent gas mileage and one simple trick to further improve gas mileage is to use steel belted radial ply tires (they were not around in the early 1960s but to the eye a steel belted radial will not take away from the originality of these cars as tires basically look like all tires on the outside). I like the fact that she didn’t muck around with the original body, chrome or interior. These cars look best by being as original as possible.

  3. transam says:

    My grandmother drovw a mint 1964 Buick Riviera until the day she died. It’s great to see people not driving today’s throw away cars. I would like to know what kind of oil she uses. That’s a bg part of making an engine last.

  4. Syd says:

    I had a ’61 Valiant too….Man do I miss that car. If it hadn’t finally died in 1992 I would still be driving it.

  5. hannah says:

    WONDERFUL story! Really amazing. I thoroughly enjoyed it. Thanks to Frank for sharing!

  6. Arielle says:

    I was told by the mechanic whom changes my oil that cars will just about last forever if you change them on suggested intervals.

    The car I drive (a 1967 Ford Ranchero) has 10,000 miles over what her car does, and my dad bought it new. It’s on it’s fifth engine however, so she has a few more bragging rights than I do. I’m just happy to see people still driving these older, but very dependable cars.

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