60-page vintage Sherwin-Williams paint and style guide

Sherwin Williams Paint and Color Style GuideSherwin Williams Paint and color Style Guide

Flickr friend Java1888 is just the best. He found a 1941 paint brochure — 60 pages long — from Sherwin-Williams, and has posted the whole thing on his flickr photostream. These kinds are guides are treasure troves of inspiration about how to decorate historic homes. In this case, you can get lots of ideas for paint colors for a 1930s or 1940s house — including interior paint color schemes and decor, and exterior paint color combinations and landscaping, too. To get to Java’s lineup, click directly on either the large photo or the thumbnail — then go to the 60-item set in the right-hand column. Many thanks, J!

  1. Laura says:


    I am going crazy trying to find the correct paint color to duplicate a 1940’s old red porch. It’s not really red, not really rust, not really pink (but has all 3 colors). Is there anyone who has the perfect paint color to paint a porch to look like an old red porch? I really don’t want it to look too bright, but don’t want it to look too dark or too light (almost pink) either. Thanks!

  2. lady brett says:

    oh my! my kitchen is in a fairly desperate need of a redo, and the 40s is absolutely my favorite retro style (and my house is 40s to boot). so, thanks pam, every time more 40s is added i get excited – and thanks java, this is a stellar resource!

  3. TappanTrailerTami says:

    JAVA – forgot to add…I’ll give you $15 for that book – in this economy where else are you going to make a 1000% profit? LOL

  4. TappanTrailerTami says:

    This has to be one of my favorite posts of all time! Wow! Can we please have a look at the other 102 pages??? Please? *breaking out the suger now*

  5. JAVA says:

    Im happy to hear everyone is enjoying the guide i posted!

    Just a side note, The actual guide is 162 pages long! Sorry I forgot to tell you that Pam! i just posted my personal favorites!

  6. mcmeg says:

    Wow. My favorite was the cream and green kitchen. I wish it were a catalog and I could just order one. Thanks!

  7. AnyaLasagna says:

    This is amazing! Exactly what I needed. I LOVE the kitchen idea of painting the interior cabinet a different color than exterior. The bathrooms are great too!

  8. Steven Keylon says:

    You’re right, Java 1888 is the best, that kid is going places!

    In addition to this 1941 Paint and Color Style Guide, look for the equally HUGE 1942 supplement, and the terrific 1951 version.

    They show up on eBay from time to time, that’s how I got my 1941 and 42 versions. The 1951 I found in an antique store in San Francisco.

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