My favorite possession in the whole wide world? The granny square afghan that my grandmother made for me when I was about 12.  Honestly, the thing is my #1 decorative influence — it’s full of color and most importantly, homemade love. Of course, I collect vintage afghans a bit… I have a few wonderful ones. The afghan above: $20 from JunqueInTheTrunque, on Etsy. 


There are a gazillion possibilities for color combinations. This blue granny square afghan, $26 from VintageEye, Etsy. It’s really big, too — a great price!


This is just like my Lur Lur made!!!! Learn how to crochet your own afghan with these vintage instructions, $3.95 from AntiquesGaloreGal.


I didn’t know that they also made barkcloth that looks like Granny Squares: $35 from GiftsnCrafts, Etsy.


Oh yes, the girls in my family all had crocheted poncho’s too – I had white, Jenni had blue, and Sara had pink. I still have mine. It even has pom poms on the tie-ends. Make your own with these instructions from 1975, Granny Square Magazine, a Woman’s Day Special Edition, $5 at LoveElizabeth, Etsy.

Did your grannies and moms and aunties crochet you afghans, readers? Do you make, or collect them still?

  1. nina462 says:

    My Mom made me a granny square afgan too, but we cannot find it. I remember helping to map out the design…my colors were white, bright jungle green and bright orange. WOW! (I had a jungle green & white bedroom). She’s made me several more ‘sedate’ afgans in different colors & patterns, but I sure wish I could find my granny square one –

  2. denise says:

    Nancy — Vera sheets, you ARE a lucky dog!! I recently found Vera place mats and passed them up because of the colorway (stupid me) went back and they weren’t there. ahhhh, of course for only $1!! I was doing the “I have to stop collecting things mantra” but I did pick up a table cloth recently, (unfortunately with spots I may not be able to get out.)

    An afghan slide-show? sounds fun! fun! fun!….let me get the camera out.

  3. Tera says:

    Seems like sitcoms from the 50’s-80’s had either a granny square afghan or one of those barometers that were sort of almost tear dropped shaped hanging on the wall. I want both for my living room.

  4. sumac sue says:

    How many of you have accidentally or on purpose gotten rid of a quilt or afghan, then wished you hadn’t? We managed to lose a quilt made by Wayne’s grandma, and an afghan made by my grandma, during one of our moves. I suspect they were in a box that accidentally got placed in the “take to Goodwill” pile. Both were in rather garish colors, and spent most of the time in the closet, but, still, I hate it that we no longer have them. I hope someone else is enjoying them. Maybe one of you other readers found them and love them. Hope so!

  5. amy says:

    i have been trying to find everything to make the roseanne blanket. do you happen to know all the colors and or the pattern. if you can please get back to me thank you.

  6. Carol B. says:

    I’m in Florida. I’ve been picking up home made afghans to send to Haiti. I found a bunch of home made, perfect condition, granny afghans at the Goodwill Outlet. The price of each…..wait for it…..$1.99. Five for $5 beats me, but this was pretty good.

    I’ll wash them and get them to people who really need them. I’m knitting one, and my mother and a neighbor knit/crochet squares to be put together. It’s easier for them to accomplish small parts of the project. This began as a project on Ravelry.


  7. pam kueber says:

    it’s on my list! this sunday, i think, when folks have time to shoot their pix and upload….

  8. susan dalton says:

    I’m 56 and have been crocheting since I was 14. I remember learning to make grannies in home economics class as a freshman in high school in Tennessee. I hadn’t made any in decades but have soooo many different colors of yarn in my baskets that I’m making a granny bedspread from them and trimming them in a beige yarn. I absolutely love crocheting and even though I work 40+ hours a week, I always crochet a little during my lunch hours. It’s very calming and relieves stress.

  9. Pattie gatman says:

    I have been reading through all of these posts. I have recently been blessed to have over 100 beautifully hand crafted afghans. They are new and very well done. I have never seen such good quality. They are vintage but all new, packaged and never used. Please contact me if you would be interested in some. You can email me @ Thanks, Pattie

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