Steel kitchen cabinets — 4 places to buy them made new today

moya steel kitchen cabinetsWhere to buy steel kitchen cabinets made new today? I get the question fairly often, so decided to update my research on companies making steel cabinets that, importantly, want to work with the residential (rather than the commercial) market. So far I have identified 2.5 companies that cater to residential buyers with steel kitchen cabinets that resemble vintage metal kitchen cabinets, plus there’s one company that’s making them in a curvy Euro retro-modern or industrial style. 

1. Moya Living — steel kitchen cabinets and doors  

metal kitchen cabinets by moya living

First up: Moya Living.  In 2013, when reader Melita wanted new steel kitchen cabinets, she went to a maker of steel laboratory cabinets, Genie Scientific. Shortly after, Genie Scientific founder and owner Moya O’Neill created a whole new division and brand, Moya Living, to focus on the residential kitchen market.

These cabinets have steel boxes and doors. [Longtime readers will recall that Viking Range made a run at this market beginning in 2008 with their revival of the St. Charles steel kitchen cabinets brand — but the effort was short-lived. Alas, I think that Viking Range/St. Charles was very sadly ahead of their time — launching before the massive mid century modern home and decor revival really took hold, and moreover, just as the Great Recession descended upon America.]

I follow Moya Living’s Facebook page, and it looks like the company is working hard to succeed with this slice of the market, including with mid century modern home owners. They are opening up a showroom in Orange County this summer. And earlier this year, they displayed at the Palm Spring Modernism Weekend. 

Full overlay doors also available

In photos above: While Melita got inset doors (back in 2013, straight from the laboratory line), I see that Moya Living also is making full overlay doors for kitchens today. Full overlay doors were more common in mid century kitchen as the market evolved. The company manufactures its cabinetry in California.

Links for information and to contact Moya Living:

2. Brown Jordan Outdoor Kitchens / Danvers Outdoor Kitchens

Brown Jordan and Danvers are sister companies that both market stainless steel outdoor kitchens — which also can be used indoors. I called their marketing department to make sure these could be specified for indoor kitchens, and they emailed right back: 

Yes, of course you can use our cabinets indoors.  We have two brands, Danver and Brown Jordan Outdoor Kitchens, each one based on indoor, frameless wood cabinetry – only we manufacture ours from 100% stainless steel in order to be at home outdoors. We manufacture dozens of styles in 100s of sizes, with cabinetry to fit any outdoor appliance – grills, side burners, refrigerators, etc.  In addition, 85-90% of what we sell is powder coated so the look has a more indoor feel.

Manufacturing is in Connecticut. 

stainless steel kitchen cabinets
Brown Jordan’s new “Elements” line of stainless steel kitchen cabinets — these are examples shown powder-coated

Interestingly, the company said they are actually in the process of expanding their line:

We are currently launching Elements under the Brown Jordan Outdoor Kitchens brand, further erasing lines between indoor and outdoor kitchen cabinetry and even furniture

Links for information and to contact Brown Jordan and Danvers stainless steel kitchen cabinets:

3. Toro Kitchen Cabinets

where to buy steel kitchen cabinetsSteel kitchen cabinets new

I wrote about Toro Kitchen Cabinet’s launch in 2018. This new company markets kitchen cabinets with a wood box and powder-coated steel doors. The doors are not quite full overlay — but it you paint the box the same color, I think you’ll get essentially the same look of vintage. Note: I called this my “.5 steel kitchen” because of the wood box 🙂

Links for information and to contact Toro Kitchen Cabinets:

4. Contur steel kitchen cabinets — curved euro-style doors

steel laundry cabinets

Contur Cabinets recently reached out to me and provided lots of information and photos about their cabinets. This company started as a maker of steel garage door cabinets. They then expanded into the kitchen and outdoor markets.

Their cabinets have a curved “European Inspired” front — so, they don’t meet the “authentic vintage-look” test. That said, if you want to go retro-modern or industrial with your kitchen, the company does want to work with individual residential customers. Based in Quebec, they ship into the U.S. tax- and duty-free. And, hey, they even show some prices on their website!

Links for information and to contact Contur Cabinets:

My list does not include European manufacturers

On steel and other metal kitchen cabinets made in Europe: Over the years several readers have sent in tips about companies in Europe that make steel or metal kitchen cabinets. They seem to be more popular there — especially in Italy, as I recall — than in the U.S. I am not including them on my list because I tend to believe shipping will be a killer. That said, if you are a high-end buyer, these brands may be worth researching and checking out. There also may be high-end kitchen cabinet design companies  in the U.S. that represent these products who can work with residential customers 1:1 on their designs.

vintage steel kitchen cabinets
Click here or on the photo itself to read my brief history of steel kitchen cabiners — 80+ brands identified so far!

Finally: I will keep this story updated if I find any more brands to consider. Please feel free to send me tips if you come across any new contenders 🙂

  1. Sarah Squier says:

    Hi – What a rocking site this is! Thank you for offering such incredible resources and ideas. Two years ago, my husband and I bought a modernist house (designed in 1948 by Ruth Freeman) that has not been updated — it has 1952 St Charles steel cabinets, and they are fantastic, but rusting and in desperate need of paint. We have asked every auto refinishing place around us — no one is interested in the labor and effort to repaint the cabinets. Any ideas? I DO NOT want to replace them, or the original counter — which is in excellent shape!! This house is magic, and the cabinets need some love. Any suggestions would be so helpful! Thanks.

    1. pam kueber says:

      Hi Sarah, thank you for the nice comments — and welcome. This is not a fixit site but I have done stories in which readers mentioned how they got these repainted. You’ll need to go through the stories (try Steel Kitchens subcategory and Readers & Their Kitchens category) to hunt for the references. One thought: Any companies locally or regionally that do industrial powder coating? St. Charles cabinets are the cream of the crop. Lucky you — good luck with all — and remember to Renovate Safe!

  2. Elaine says:

    What’s a ballpark price on those Moya cabinets? I sure hope this isn’t one of those cases where if you have to ask, you can’t afford it! 😀

  3. Jerry Pines says:

    Sorry to see you overlooked Dwyer Products who started making kitchens as the Murphy Cabranettes Company and we still produce thousands of metal kitchens yearly.

    1. pam kueber says:

      Hi Jerry, so sorry for the oversight — I didn’t realize you are still making steel cabinets for residential kitchens today. I’ll reach out this coming week to find out more. Thanks for letting me know!

  4. Karyl says:

    Hi I was wondering if you have any idea where I might be able to purchase some replacement parts for a 1950, American standard kitchen. I am painting the doors and some of the spring hinges that hold them in place have left loose. Any ideas who I could contact for help?

  5. Beverlt says:

    We are redoing some old metal geneva cabinets and are in need of the wire rack shelves and the clips to hold them in. Can you tell me where to find them
    Thank you.

    1. Pam Kueber says:

      Hi Beverlt, with so many brands we usually don’t have answers to this. Many folks buy multiple cabinets in order to scavenge parts…

      1. pam kueber says:

        Hi Sonia, for the new cabinets, look for the links to the manufacturers’ websites in the article.

  6. Cynthia says:

    I am thrilled to see steel cabinets making a comeback! We lived in the Park La Brea apartments in the Wilshire District of Los Angeles in the early 80s. The kitchen cabinets were ALL steel built-ins, as well as double steel doors throughout…. and the cabinets in both bathrooms. The flooring was all solid wood parquet…the homes were quiet, sanitary, easy to clean, and fire-resistant. the only odd effect of so much steel was the wind whistling occasionally through the openings of the doors. Did I mention the window shades were standard 2 or 3 inch metal?
    I loved that place!

  7. Evan L Allen says:

    I am losing the willpower to do myself up a nice youngstown kitchen, all my cabinets that I salvaged are old and rusty and will need refinishing anyway, that’s to say nothing of sourcing more to complete the layout. I really like the Toro look, but I’d prefer all metal cabinets. Maybe Moya Living.

    1. Melita says:

      As the first to get a fabulous kitchen from Moya Living, I KNOW you will not be disappointed! My cabinets were made *exactly* the way I wanted them. My inset cabinet doors were not stock from the laboratory line, they were made so because that’s exactly how I wanted them. I emailed Moya a picture of my former kitchen (destroyed by fire) to make the cabinets just as the old ones were, and she did. She has and had overlay cabinet doors available, if one so desires. She will work with you to give you the best kitchen possible! Go for it!!! (and show us the results when ready, of course!)

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