Chalkware fish from Miller Studios on etsy

green etxy chalkware fishes

Miller Studios seems to have been the big maker of chalkware fish back in the day. I also spotted another manufacturer, Freeman McFarlin. There is a very healthy trade in chalkware fish — they so speak to the period. They can be picked up very inexpensively, but of course there are rare and expensive sets as well.  Above: Gotta love this pair Miller Studios chalkware fishes from frenzyfinds on etsy.com.

pink miller chalkware fishes with bubbles

Pink Miller Studio chalkware fish with bubbles from nenerzlife on etsy.

miller studio fish multicolored

Multicolored Miller fishes from the cherrychic on etsy.

aqua fish and shell

Aqua and white chalkware fish and shells from ACollectibleCachet on etsy.

  1. nina462 says:

    Awhile ago, I was looking for chalkware cherries for the kitchen, and I found them at an antique sale this summer. Now, I need chalkware fish for my original blue (&yellow) bathroom. Once again–I’m ahead of the trend!!

  2. Jen says:

    I love chalkware fish! I have two coral-colored ones that used to hang in the bathroom at my grandparents’ lake cabin. Unfortunately, the coral color doesn’t quite go with the colors of my bathroom, but I’m hoping to find a place for them someday.

  3. Lara Jane says:

    Thanks for that tip, Erin! I think a couple of my pieces have missing/broken hooks. You’re so ingenious!

    My set of fish is green & purple with some gold & pink. It came with two fish, two starfish, and a seahorse. Looks so cute with my Lefton mermaids.

  4. MrsErinD says:

    I so love chalkware fish! I found a pair of Miller cute blue/aqua ones with touches of gold and big eyelashes and red lips a while back on ebay for our blue/pink bathroom and they are so cute in there!

    There are so many out there that I love, I wish I had several bathrooms to put them in, hehe, but our 1 (sigh) bathroom is too tiny for more than one pair (and a pair of maio ballerinas!)

    I’m crazy about chalkware period though, I also have a set of miller swan plaques also 60’s and some 50s ballet dancers (a male and female)

    A great chalkware tip!!! When I got my ballet dancers, the hook in the back of one had rusted where it goes in the chalk, and one side had broken off, the other side of the hook was still in but was rusted, so I knew it had to be fixed somehow to hang to be safe because they are super super heavy, anyhow I racked my brain on how to fix it and I ended up using the Mighty Putty that we had just got. I just put the putty around the bottom part of the hook (the top was fine, only rusted at bottom) where it goes into the chalk and on the chalk itself to bond the hook and chalk together, let dry and voila! Got a bond that is super hard and I could hang them again!

    So don’t throw away any chalkware that has broken hooks! ;O)

  5. Trase says:

    I have the first set, the green pair, in our bathroom that I’ve been giving a sort of Florida theme, in honor of my Granny. She had the best taste, and I wish she was still around so we could go shopping together!

  6. Tikimama says:

    Ooooh! The second set, pink with black lips, hangs in one of our bathrooms. I just started a Flickr group called Sea Life Mid-Century Modern to collect all sorts of oceanic images of the period, and we’ve got quite a few of these already. There’s also a Flickr group dedicated to Vintage Chalkware. Thanks for sharing these Etsy listings Pam!

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