Heading toward the holidays, I also will focus on uncovering MIB merry magic over on Like this itsy bitsy teeny weeny flower power tiki bikini from VerucaVintage.


I think Etsy’s prices are usually just great. And no auction drama. Vintage orlon Wintuck sweater in original box from ToHellinAHandbag. I have a sweater like this, but not MIB. Nice.

vintage potholders

Vintage potholders from ShopGoodGrace. Retro Moms and Dads would love new potholders!

  1. Magnarama says:

    Thanks Pam! I’d love to see it get a loving home.

    For about 12 years I’ve been collecting those midmod glass coffee carafes & their accessories that were made by so many different houseware companies. I just love the way they were designed to look like industrial laboratory glass implements. And all their different shapes and warmers/stands make fabulous display items in the kitchen.

  2. Magnarama says:

    That dress is the ginchiest! I’m in South Carolina, might have to trundle up to Charlotte to see you after all these years of reading RetroReno.

    I’ve had a MIB ’69s pyrex waffle set (butter & syrup warmers, with coffee carafe) for ages now that I can’t believe no one has snapped up. It’s so groovy, and its box even folds into a display piece:

  3. Annie B. says:

    Holy Moly! What a dress. Love the neckline, too. I’ll bet that several strands of pop-it beads would complement it nicely. Just might have to attend the home show in March.

  4. Erin in Ohio says:

    Love the dress! I purchased one on eBay a few years ago that is the exact same cut, style, and fabric type (“Feels like a stiff wool-y material but it’s definitely synthetic.”), but in a blue-green-cream more abstract print. Like yours, mine was NOS. You will definitely turn heads in this dress! Enjoy!

  5. denise says:

    My oh my, love the dress!! and you’re right, they won’t be listening…they’ll be oggling and heads will be turning as people pass by you and you’ll overhear “WOW, GREAT DRESS!”

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