Photo credits: Albert Sanchez
Photo credit: Albert Sanchez
Photo: Albert Sanchez
Photo: Albert Sanchez

Are you looking for creative ways to show off your collections? How about this inspiration from Jonathan Adler. He created this starburst mirror… composed of 64 Barbies (I counted). It was for the real-life Barbie Malibu Dream House, which he decorated when our favorite girl turned 50 back in March. At the extreme, this example shows how to pull a collection into a whole that’s greater than the sum of its parts. A tried and true trick of decorating is to group items together — rather than scatter them throughout the room. The mass creates power and graphic appeal all its own. Have fun with your collectibles, readers. Don’t store them away in the basement or boxes. Photo courtesy Jonathan Adler Interior Design – see more of the Barbie House and other Adler interiors here.

  1. Glinda Wahl says:

    What a sight to behold! I was happy with just one original Barbie, I can’t fathom having 65! But if you got it flaunt it.
    My peak Barbie years were the Malibu orange years. My spinster Aunt Sadie gave me the entire Malibu family, and Santa followed with the orange camper and a house. I took them everywhere. I mean, EVERYwhere.
    I’ll never forget those last moments of packing for a vacation , and my dad at the trunk of our 65 Galaxie, fitting in the suntan family and their accessories.
    Dad never failed me and neither did the Barbies. I even had an orange and pink bikini. To this day, these are the colors I gravitate to.

  2. hannah says:

    My second favorite thing to collect besides vintage decor!!!

    Over the last 15 years I’ve collected vintage Barbies/clothes/furniture and reproduction vintage Barbies. And while the mirror is ultimately cool, I’d never display my true vintage in this manner. The reproductions – more likely. I’d just shudder at the idea of exposing them to the elements of the house. Even if one does not smoke, there’s food odors, fireplace odor, sunlight, extreme heat/cold, etc.

    It looks (I scrolled to enlarge the page so I could see the dolls closer) as though he’s got a mix there of true vintage and some reproductions. No matter, that’s got to be one pricey mirror should it ever go up for auction!

    My goal is to find the perfect size case so I can display different scenes (living room, kitchen, bedroom) and rotate them out so I can enjoy my collection. I adore my vintage and repro Barbies!

  3. Robert says:


    I must say, I dunno what to say. It is very unique and clever and creative. I like it. Just for for my house.


  4. Lara Jane says:

    I love orange and hot pink, too, but as I was born in the 70s I’m just not into the overall aesthetic. This mirror, however, is insanely cool.

  5. gavin hastings says:

    These Jonathan Adler designs really ARE 1970’s insipred interior decoration at its’ best. Every room. Regardless of the backlash, the 1970’s, to my mind, was the last (for better or worse) forward thinking design era.

    Bring on the orange!

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