Maryann Roy’s fashion doll den is provides some decorating inspiration, although you must be no taller than 12″ to actually sit on one of those bolstered benches. I like the acrylic panels set into the paneling. On sale for $150.  Suitable for 12″ fashion dolls.

  1. MrsErinD says:

    Oh she is amazing! You all have to look at the furniture gallery on her site, wow! I can’t decide which is my fave set, probably the 3 tv ones, Lucy, bewitched and Van Dyke ones! I wish my house looked that cool! :O)

  2. Robert says:


    I like this room, even though it is make believe. Wish I had this room but with a bigger TV and a little more comfortable seating.


  3. Nina462 says:

    While my sister had Barbie’s house…I had PJ’s Penthouse…talk about swinging! Wonder if it’s still at my Mom’s house….

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