Frank Sinatra, Glenn Miller and Tommy Dorsey set Daniel on his mid-century path

daniel-wwII-cropDaniel is a college student in California and already a longtime fan of mid-century architecture, decor and collectibles. He wrote in to share his story. I’m impressed!



My name is Daniel and I’m a 22 year old college student in CA! I’ve been collecting mid-century furniture and ephemera since I was 14 or so. I visit your site everyday…

mid-century-television I love all the information you give out and all the great pictures… Most people my age don’t appreciate this kind of stuff, so it’s nice to finally find people who do. I’d love to show some of my finds if you’d like!

mid-century-light-fixtue-and-chairSure, Daniel, I say… and can you tell me more about your story? He zips right back:

More about my story, hmmm…Well I’ve been passionate about the 1940s/50s/60s since I can remember! It’s my dad who really got me into it, with music such as Frank Sinatra, Glenn Miller, and Tommy Dorsey. From there I started buying and restoring vintage cars in high school, and would frequently go local antiquing.

mid-century-tall-dresserI also was good friends with an antique radio repair store owner, and he gave me all the radios he no longer wanted for free! I received 8+ mid century radios from him all in working condition! That really started me saving up and going out to the antique stores to buy different things for the home.

mid-century-dresserI figured that sooner or later I would need something, so I bought everything from lamps to a vacuum cleaner haha. I’ve kept most of my stuff, giving some things away to make room for others, but I’m continually expanding my collection. My dream is to own or rebuild an Eichler home and fill it with nothing but original furniture, appliances, and fixtures.

low-profile-headboardThere’s something so special about home living in that era, that’s no wonder people are going crazy over it. And although its become a fad again, I feel like I, and people like me, are living in the wrong era in someways, you know? Well I hope you enjoy these pictures, and I’d love to hear more about your story as well!

P.S. If you have any questions about the items in the pictures feel free to ask! Hope to hear from you soon.

shell chairI get the photos and I think, oh my gosh, is that really an apartment? Of a college student? It is way tidier than I remember my college apartment. I had, like, a TV, an army trunk, a portable stereo, a wastebasket, and a ratty sofa. Ah, the traveling light years. But, you are way waaaay ahead of me, Daniel.  So… I ask Daniel, is that really an apartment and oh, do you have a photo that I could use, if you want? I forgot to ask him – is that a hamster cage? What is the name of your hamster? He zips back:

Ya it is a rental apartment probably from the early to mid ’60s. Unfortunately it has gone through many renovations since then, so its original charm doesn’t show all too well. I’m a Graphic Communication major concentrating in Print & Image Management…. Funny, I don’t have any pictures of me in the house on my computer haha!


But here’s a picture from last year from a WWII dance my friends and I always go to, hope that’s OK!

mid-century-coffee-tableSorry the pictures are such low quality, I took them with my computer because my camera had died. I can retake them for better quality if they didn’t turn out so good. Talk to you soon!

view to living roomActually, Daniel, I like the grainy dreamy quality of the photos. And, I didn’t even know you could take pictures with your computer. Like, you walk around with your laptop pointing it and hitting the enter button? I call myself a Geek Girl, but I am such a poser.

danish lampDaniel, once you get your diploma, I think you should set the graphics communications thing aside for a few months — you need to be on Design Star. We’ll all vote for you. I’m serious. BTW, is that a hamster cage? What is the name of your hamster?

  1. Nikia says:

    Im just wondering if you know anything about the red chair in your living room, I have a couch and chair that look almost the same, except the arms of the chair are not slanted and or not as thick. ours are kroehler but I have no idea what year they are from

  2. Daniel says:

    Hey Brian,

    It’s actually party of my dad’s WWII uniform collection. He has a ton of them, and has picked them up anywhere from army surplus stores to ebay. I was lucky that this one fit me to a tee!
    Hope you can find one tailored for you! 🙂

  3. Brian says:

    Daniel – I know I keep bugging you about it but where on Earth did you get that WW2 uniform? I love it and absolutely must have one! Email me if you could!

  4. Aaron says:

    No, the question is, will he marry me?! Wow, awesome taste! I love your apartment. I am working on the same thing myself. There is just nothing better than mid-century design and fashion.

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