Mid-century Lightolier lighting catalog – 73 pages

vintage lightolierA 73-page mid-century Lightolier catalog — now that is some serious eye-candy for whiling away a few hours on a sleepy Sunday. The awesome Gretchen has scanned this entire catalog and posted it as a set on Flickr. Go take a look, I promise it will blog your mind. Also be sure to check out Gretchen’s Eiclerific blog. Thanks, Gretchen, for sharing your find and letting me feature this image from your catalog!

  1. Claudia Valdes says:

    Thank you for taking the time to scan the Lightolier catalog! Found the chandelier that came with my house (built 1948)…would you happen to know the year it was published? Peace

  2. There aren’t enough people making Midcentury lights. Rejuvenation is so concentrated on earlier times. I need more options! I saw what I want in this damn catalog!

  3. Gretchen S says:

    That’s fantastic, Annie — glad to help! Many thanks Pam, for posting this. I’ll continue to scan mid-century brochures and catalogs as I come across them.

  4. Annie B. says:

    Thanks to Pam and Gretchen for posting this catalog. From it, I was able to identify the flourescent fixtures on either side of the mirror in our front bathroom as Vistalites 7291 or 7271; their arrangement is the same as in the picture on page two. Never knew they were Lightolier!
    How cool!

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