coral-chairNeed a new/old couch and chair? Oh my heart be still — look at this set — in a super-delicious color that I would call “lipstick coral” — all original upholstery — a rare and wonderful weave called “frieze”. It’s for sale currently on the Forum (now closed.)

The seller Douglass says: 

“I actually bought this set from a lady in CA who bought it from deadstock. The CA lady used it in her “home theater” – seriously? – but, I swear, no popcorn grease! At the time I bought the set, I was self-employed and setting up a home office, but, alas, regular employment reared its ugly head and I’m taking a new direction with that room. I hope I did the listing right – I’m a newbie. Love your site!”


Thank you, Douglass, including for permission to show the photos. The set is in Chadds Ford, Pa. One thing to watch out for with these old sofas, I think, is whether they upholstery is all dried out.  And lifting them: They tend to be built like tanks.  

  1. Verna Viebrock says:

    Love this fabric and had a sofa and chair in a rose color. Sold it and wish I had kept it. Looking for another set In rose beige or gold. Like one you have but pretty bright. If you fine one please let me know as I wish to buy even if only sofa. Thank you Verna Viebrock

  2. Aunt EVolity says:

    Oh! I could just cry! I had a vintage Lipstick Red sofa and chair much like these – found them at a thrift store for a steal – and they were in great shape. Unfortunately, my hubby’s grandmother passed away at around that time, and he “inherited” her homely 80’s couch which he insisted we had to keep and the Lipstick Red furnishings had to go. I have been lamenting the loss of these pieces for 8 years! There was a manufacturer’s tag inside the couch and it was actually made in March of 1963 – the same month “I was made”! They were so well built (unlike the nasty 80’s couch – no longer with us!!) and the great bones made them excellent candidates for easy re-upholstery (The 80’s couch was molded with cardboard – and the first rule in re-upholstery is if you see cardboard, STOP and put it to the curb because it isn’t worth the effort).
    I am really glad I stumbled on to this web site. I am becoming obsessed! Thank you so much for the inspiration, Pam!

  3. TappanTrailerTami says:

    Tailfin – awesome score on the $1.35 auto upholstery, that sounds really cool! I hear you on projects …. it seems that there is a never ending stream.

    Pam, your fabric sounds just right to recover my dining chairs, hint hint 🙂


  4. tailfin says:

    I will get you a pic of the fabric over the weekend, Pam. It’s pretty sweet. I’d also love to see the mint green/gold fabric from the time capsule house. That’s definitely something to share with us.

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