Vladimir Kagan + Erica Wilson Contour rocking chair — sells for $132,300 !

12/10/2020 Update — Yowza, this item, estimated at $10,000-$15,000 sold for $132,300! Repeating: WHAT A TREASURE!

Marry a Vladimar Kagan rocking chair with embroidery done by hand by Erica Wilson and what do you get? The. Most. Wonderful. Chair. Ever. And did I say “marry”? As longtime readers or design aficianados may recall, Wilson and Kagan were married — for sure, one of the most creative couples of the mid century and beyond design era.

I spotted this story on the Erica Wilson Nantucket Facebook page. There it said, “Only a few times did Erica Wilson and her husband Vladimir Kagan partner their designs,” spotlighting that one of these items — this very special “Contour” rocking chair — is up for auction on December 9 — today! A second Kagan rocking chair also embroidered by Wilson, which the family will keep — I presume it is the chair with owl “Belinda” shown in this video from Wilson’s PBS show. The stitchery was done in the 1970s concurrent with Wilson’s PBS show; it’s unclear when the chair itself was made although the auction listing cites circa 1955. There are some other stunning Kagan pieces in the auction as well.

Two of my favorite designers ever — what a legacy! I am sure whoever nabs this will treasure this… treasure!

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  1. Linda says:

    I am so excited to explore all these links! I never saw her PBS show, actually never realized she had one (I was very early teens and more into crocheting at that point). I think I have a few of her kits bumping around and had looked into a floor frame similar to what she uses. Thanks so much for these!

  2. pam kueber says:

    Yes, her show is great! There are even more episodes on YouTube, I think. Her needlework designs are amazing — and she was very very influential.

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