There is a rocker in Rebecca’s 1961 split level house. Not the grampa on the porch kind. The guitar in the living room…and dining room…and family room kind. Which leads me to the #1 rule of displaying your collections: Bring them together. “Mass them,” it’s called. To be sure, these guitars look lovely — architectural — in their present locations. And maybe you’ll want to keep them that way. But collections of objects often make a bigger, even more beautiful statement when you display them together. Oh, and once you have three of anything — you have a collection. 


If you’re interested in making the guitar collection a focal point, Rebecca, a first thought is to bring them all down to the media room, and to try to do something with them along the fireplace. But — they may be too tall to display on that lower ledge . You don’t want them to feel all squeezed in. Even so, it’s worth playing around with. Also, it’s interesting to see how you and Keith have chosen a color palette harmonious with the guitars. Clearly – someone loves them. Keep working with that palette. It gives you a direction.


Another example of massing collections: Troy’s paint by number dogs, in this story about mid-century houseplants. Oh! Another story about mid-century houseplants, which I forgot about. There you go. Troy — are you reading? How are you doing with your new house? Troy has exciting news — and a big, new project that he promises to share with us when it is ready for prime time.

  1. Genjenn says:

    There’s a rocker in my house too. He’s a total gear head. This means guitars. Lots of guitars. Even more guitars. Guitar stands. Guitar cases. Imagine guitar mushrooms popping up all over your house. Arggh. Desperation -not design- inspired our wall of hanging guitars. It’s a big hit with guests. Their compliments are always heartwarming. More important, however, is the peace that wall provides. Ahhhhhhhh….
    Rebecca- I see yours is an acoustic enthusiast. Be glad. Amps and cabinets pose a far greater challenge…

  2. MrsErinD says:

    Rebecca~ you are welcome! :O)

    Gavin, ya, I see what you mean, that’s my problem though, I love the more sophisticated looks of the first couple styles but can’t help love the sears and roebuck look of a “everyday” house too, lol. I tend to like a little of everything and mash it all together, hehe.

  3. Barbara says:

    In looking at the Bewitched pictures, I have to ask – how many chimneys did they have? They have a fireplace in the living room, kitchen, bedroom and den…That house was one big chimney!!

  4. gavin hastings says:

    MrsED- Not that I have watched alot of TV or anything, but I cannot help but notice how sophisticated that room began in say, photo 73. It looks much more “Sally and Mac McMillan” to me.
    After that, it’s a downward spiral to Sears and Roebuck….

    Another wonderful interior was the Brooklyn Heights home of Datty Duke

  5. MrsErinD says:

    You’re welcome Pam and Gavin! :O)

    I just saw that the other day and knew everyone here would love it, and made me think of the fireplace post.
    Ya, the pics there are great, they have them from the whole house! I love how they mixed things and did that a lot back then, makes me feel better about my mix of stuff, lol!

  6. gavin hastings says:

    Oooooh! Grandma Moses over the fireplace…and mixed with French Provincial! Thanks, MrsED.

    I am almost positive that the Steven’s lived in Patterson, NJ. though…..

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