Welcome to retro-wonderland, Apartment Therapy voters. 🙂 Here at Retro Renovation, a lot of us are “accidental modernists.” We ended up in our (generally) small, mid-century homes because they were in the right neighborhoods or because the price was right. Mid-century *modern* homes, yes, but mid-century *modest* homes, too… ranches, capes, colonials, contemporaries, bungalows and split levels that real estate agents generally suggest should be gutted. We kinda like the quirky charm, though, and our motto has become “Love The House You’re In.” So before we make any drastic changes, we meet here to share renovation resources, lots of vintage eye-candy photos and a friendly and helpful community — all with the goal to update our homes in a way that’s sympathetic to their original postwar design. I like to think we’re playful and unpretentious (just like our simpler houses), and we’re not “purists” — it’s your house, make the changes that are right for you — love it! In fact, our main rule for comments is that “no one can be made to feel bad for their choices.” So take a tour… ask questions… and we hope you have a blast. After you’ve soaked it all in, if you want to vote for us, we would be honored. If you haven’t registered yet, go to Apartment Therapy;  once you’ve confirmed your registration via email, click on The Homies 2009 to vote. Many thanks and all the best, Pam. the homies

  1. Elizabeth Mary says:

    Of course you got my vote, too. Then, after voting, I decided to check out the competition. All are lovely blogs that showcase the tastes of the blogger. But, none of them have the sense of community that we find here. None have the readers as such active pariticpants. Yes, they get lots of comments, but the readers don’t seem to be part of the posts as we are here. And, finally, none seem to capture a “movement” in design style like you do. Congratulations on all that you do, how you do it, and for the recognition so richly deserved!

  2. Ella says:

    This blog is my very favorite read, even though I don’t comment much. I drool over it daily. 😀 And that photo is *great* (as I said over on Flickr). I’ve cast my vote!

  3. Tikimama says:

    As usual, you Pam, and the other readers have expressed my thoughts and feelings better than I could have. So, I’ll just say, “I second what everyone said!”
    I updated my blog post on the Homies in the hopes that it might get you even one more vote! You deserve them all.

  4. vintagedi says:

    Pam,i am new to your blog,and i think it is just wonderful.So far,everything reminds me of when i was a child back in the 1960’s and mentally visualizing my favorite Aunt’s kitchen of her home with the bright turquoise kitchen and her black and white tile floor.Lovely memories.Anyways,since i am new here,i just voted for you over at the Homies.

  5. frank says:

    Great picture Pam. There is nothing hotter than a woman who can handle power tools in pumps. Hope you and your family have a happy and prosperous new year.

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