JenniferGreenburgPortrait-460rockabillies-on-amazonJennifer Greenburg — above — is a photographer and university teacher in Chicago who also has become immersed in rockabilly culture. Moreover, she has channeled her passion into a seven-year project and captured 45 gorgeous photographs of rockabilly folk in her new book, The Rockabillies, that will be published later this month.

jennifer-greenburg-rockabillies-mid-century-modern-interiorThe photographs are stunning, and they show a deep respect and love for rockabilly fans who — like many of us, maybe even — are choosing to live a little outside the norm in terms of our aesthetic taste.

jennifer-greenburg-rockabillies-lime-kitchenThat said, I’m kinda thinkin’ that more and more now, our perspective — which decoratively, hones in on and celebrates the best of an exuberant era — is seeping into the mainstream. It’s so interesting to look at rockabilly and tiki — and then also at today’s Etsy folk, who are creating found art of every ilk — and think, “it’s all converging.” This makes me very very happy.

jennifer-greenburg-rockabillies-pink-carThese people are SO BEAUTIFUL! I’ve asked Jennifer if she can to answer a few questions for the blog about the rockabilly aesthetic, and I will post the interview as soon as it’s completed.

Links: Jennifer Greenburg’s website, including a larger gallery of photos. Readers in Chicago can attend the official book launch and signing, Jan. 26 at the The Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago. 6 p.m. And, thanks to Mary Deluxe – I read her blog and she first spotted this news in a TimeOut Chicago interview.

If you’d like to pre-order the book, I’ve put it in my Amazon store / Reading list.

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    So…????? According to the author, if you were actually Alive in the 1950s, you can’t BE Rockabillie?? Waaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhh. Pft. I was just a little KIIIIIDDD… Like.. I couldn’t BUY stuff!! Waaaaa.

    Well.. maybe she’ll retract or reconsider her age limitations to the genre. 🙂

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