Michael, conscientious savior of his “functionally perfect” pink bathroom

michael-in-his-pink-bathroom-235Lots of pledges over on Save The Pink Bathrooms lately. I’ve been following up with some, and getting photos to go with. Here’s Michael, who said in his pledge:

My little ranch-style house was built in 1958. I bought it in 1998 and the main bathroom was PINK. For 11 years I debated about whether to get rid of the pink. Well, it will be saved partly due to procrastination but also because it is in perfect condition. The grout and tile (except floor) look like they were installed yesterday. I cannot, in good conscience, demolish something that is functionally perfect.

I’m always curious to know how folks find the Save The Pink Bathrooms site (and this one, too). Michael told me, “A friend came over for Christmas and saw my pink bathroom.  She is a fan of them and forwarded your site to me via Facebook.” Cool. 🙂

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  1. Mary Elizabeth says:

    Hi, Michael. One reason your bathroom looks so great is all the white balancing the pink. You can get a pink and white ticking shower curtain at Country Curtains. The tile on the floor can be regrouted and reglazed by a tile expert for less than what it would cost to rip it up. That’s my next step in my pink bathroom.

  2. Marion Hulton says:

    I also have pink tiles on the walls and little light inlaid pink tiles set in concrete. I know that was the 50’s. The house was built in 54. After reading some of the comments I thought I’d keep the pink on the walls but want to do something with the floor. Can the floor be painted. I have a bath fitter tub and I thought if I put down a new floor it might be too high next to the tub.
    Any ideas?

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