Maribeth’s house and Retro Renovation spotlighted in the Knoxville News

Remember Maribeth and her Brady Bunch kitchen? After I featured her renovation in November, I asked her if I could pitch the story to her local newspaper. Maribeth was game, and it turns out, so was the Knoxville News. Reporter Allison Rupp and I talked for more than an hour, then she went out to visit Maribeth and her family and their home. Meanwhile, photographer Saul Young looks like he had a blast with the photographs. The result: A great story about a 70s retro renovation with a fabulous photo gallery to boot.  And — did you know that HGTV is in Knoxville? I bet they will see this, too, including mention of the pink Cinderella bathtub. Thanks, again, Maribeth, for opening up your home to the world all in the cause of preserving and cherishing our mid mod heritage. Thanks, too, to Allison and Saul for treating this story with such empathy and respect. Readers — if you would like to see your completed projects featured in your local newspaper, contact me and we’ll see if we can make it happen.  🙂 Photo: Courtesy the Knoxville News / Saul Young.

  1. Maribeth says:

    Many thanks to all of you here at retrorenovation, and to Pam especially, for your kind comments. I actually didn’t know there were negative comments on the online section of the Knoxville news! So I went back to read it. I really did get a laugh, though. I know most people around here would definitely NOT get this, but I only really care about the few that do. I don’t fit in around here myself, so my house might as well not fit in either. Oh, just wait until the neighbors see my tiki fountain! Pam, you did a great job on the interview. So professional! I’m surely glad she qouted you more than me. Wendy in Knoxville, I’m glad to know you’re out there. Maybe I will run into you sometime at Living Vintage.

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