Mid-century modest and Retro Renovation on etsy.com TV

Yeehaw, Retro Renovation and Mid-Century Modest are in a video just posted on etsy.com, along with this blog post.Tara Young is the amazing video-journalist — artist, really — who produces all of etsy’s videos, and you can tell she does them with great love.  It is so exciting to break bread with the wonderful etsy community. Thank you, Tara, seriously: You are amazing, and it was so much fun spending the day with you!

  1. Glamorlux Nancy says:

    Wonderful, Pam! You are a great presenter! I love the phrase “mid-century modest”… Our 1959 home is a traditional split-level, and I sorta felt like it wasn’t “cool” enough for the ultra-modern stuff. Now, I realize it’s okay to go with a homier feel. =)

  2. Jen says:

    Pam, it was neat to see you “live” and getting a better look at your fabulous kitchen. What a great clip! You’re a very eloquent speaker; it would be neat if you could record a whole host of these videos for informational purposes. You could lug a camera into those great vintage stores you have around your area and narrate about all those great finds. 🙂

  3. gavin hastings says:

    Pam- I want, need and have to own those Stangl Parrots for my mantle!
    Nothing but they can shout “Happy !944!” .

    Hutches? Maybe it is time for an article on Benninton, Vt’s own Cushman Colonial…a bit twee, but plentiful, durable and a Mid-Century Modest look in itself.

    I lived in a Victorian “farmhouse” You are not missing much-exect maybe a 13×14 livingroom with 6 doors and 4 windows.

    May I suggest you as an afternoon guest on WAMC Popvox? It would be an interesting hour!

  4. Jeanne says:

    Very nice video! Nice (editing) assortment of photos and images to get your points across. Not all of our homes are Eichler-modern and it’s not always easy to retro-fit modern elements into “modest” homes. Good job! Pam – I’d love to see your kitchen wallpaper up close. Do you have a photo of it? I didn’t realize you had so much of it in your kitchen. I’ve been looking at some of the smaller graphic prints for my kitchen/dining room.

  5. Elizabeth Mary says:

    Oh, what a great video. I had no idea from the pictures you share here and those in the Berkshire Living article that your kitchen seems to spill over into what I will call “back rooms”. Cool!

    And, I appreciate your comments about how not everyone had “modern” homes or decor. As you know I don’t have it and now I will no longer feel that I can’t share pictures — when appropriate — because my decor is traditional and not modern.

    This blog and your guidance certainly do help us all to “love the homes we have”. Thanks for that.

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