Over in South Africa, Katie Thompson of Recreate has caught the same upcycling bug that is sweeping through the U.S. via our etsy.com legions. You gotta love how she has turned an old Hoover floor polisher into a floor lamp. (Except that so many of us, now that we are installing VCT, are in the market for vintage floor polishers of our own. I know I am.) And oh my, look at the vintage kitchen scales turned into clocks, with vintage porcelain bowls affixed on top. The colors and patina on these are just as sweet as can be and hey, these are everyday-practical, too.

Thanks, Katie, for sharing these images — wonderful work! 

  1. Retro Junkie says:

    Ya know, in about 50 years all the stuff that has been re-purposed is going to be very puzzling to our grandkids! They are going to wonder what were we thinkin?!?

  2. denise says:

    I am in agreement with Ang…I have a hard time with nice usable products being made into something different.

    I’ve seen a couple Vintage Electrolux vacuums (minus hose) made into lamps. Interesting in the right setting, and quite the conversation piece I am sure.

  3. Ang says:

    some realllly cool stuff on that site!!! I’m glad she takes the time to point out the things are non-functioning or broken. This “up-cycling” trend has gone too far when people are happily forever altering original vintage items in GOOD condition just to be part of the moment. I’m always thrilled to see damaged or broken things recycled…not so much when it was viable as it was. She does nice work and clearly respects vintage things.

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