Loudmouth Golf pants and retro clothing for men and women

The Norwegian Olympic Curling Team seems to have made Loudmouth golfwear a super phenom fashion trend. Yet another arena (haha) where we are seeing retro power its way to the top of our collective consciousness. This particular Loudmouth Golf pant style — named “hot dog”, at left — absolutely positively reminds me of hip hugger bell bottoms I wore circa 1971. They were excellent. Loudmouth Golf has lots of great styles, it’s really a hoot, but I chose this particular design because it matches my new blog look. Hot diggety dog! Welcome to v.3. of RetroRenovation.com. Buy Loud Mouth pants and other gear for men and women both here. And thanks to On Larch Lane for the tip.

  1. Liz W says:

    PS – I also got a pair in size 4T for our 9 month old to wear when Bob first takes him out on the ice in a few years…so cute!

  2. Liz W says:

    Out of curiosity I google image searched “curling pants” and saw only one result for the pants I got my guy. And on my favorite renovation site, no less! Hah! What a coinkydink!

  3. Greg McKinney says:

    I have just died and gone to outrageous-pants heaven. Thank you for this link, I have searched everywhere for this kind of rockstar clothing!! I’m getting decked out in houndstooth from head to toe.

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