Flickr favorites — today’s digital Rorschach test?

I bet a psychiatrist could take a look at my flickr favorites at any given time and issue a diagnosis. Forget inkblots, our flickr favorites are today’s new digital Rorschach test.  I have 1,872 images in my favorites list — on flickr, these are photos from other people that you see and tag as ones that particularly speak to you. You can then go back and revel in them whenever you want. Great cheap fun. Back when I started on flickr, my favorites were all pretty much house interiors — below is my first-ever favorites accumulation from 2+ years ago and still there on like page 52:

These days, though, it’s all babies and doggies and sassy 50s dames… storybook ranches, snowmen, family polaroids and… what a sentimental mushball I’ve become. Readers — what do your favorites say about you? Put a link to them in your Comment, and we’ll take a look. And remember to contribute your photos to the growing list of Flickr Groups that I have created and administer:

  • Retro Renovation (773 members)
  • Royal Barry Wills Vintage Homes (3 members)
  • Mid-Century Modest Homes (25 members)
  • Save the Pink Bathrooms (312 members)
  • Mid-century Modern Red Geraniums (32 members)

  1. Jeanne says:

    I don’t know how the Flickr Groups works. I just uploaded all my “before” interior shots of my house into a new Flickr account and I have some knotty pines you might want. I noticed I only have 100 MB of space and have used 25% already. I was hoping to add “afters” as I complete projects. Also, I don’t know how to join groups or add favorites. I’m such a newb. 🙂


    1. pam kueber says:

      Hey Kelly, your favorites set is fantastic. I made it through 35 pages… but, I need to go organize my taxes. Ugh. We need to find out if any readers are psychologists or psychiastrists so that they can diagnose it. Only, it will all be *positive* like astrology always is! 🙂

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