Jill writes:

I thought I wanted to renovate my 1962 guest bathroom, but really didn’t want to spend that kind of money. I decided to embrace my pink bathroom after seeing your website, and it sure saved me a lot of money! We used a mix of period decor and more modern “salute to the 60’s” decor such as the record album covers. It was fun.

My husband found out what I was doing, and insisted that I include a shot that showed the early Beatles memorabilia.  Since it’s his birthday and I’ve been making fun of him all day for being even older than the bathroom, I thought I’d include that one too, just to be nice.

Wonderful bathroom, Jill — fantastic that you found the inspiration to save it, and save oodles of money, too. My favorite quote of the week already: “My husband found out what I was doing [sending pics to this blog], and insisted that I include a shot that showed the early Beatles memorabilia.” haha. Many thanks for sharing.

  1. CindyD says:

    Kudos, Jill! What a great time-stamp on your bathroom. I’m sure your guests enjoy time in the way-back machine!

  2. Annie B. says:

    Absolutely fabulous bathroom, Jill. Love the wall art! Great towels, too. I. too, have that silver sputnik clock from Walmart: a George Nelson ball clock repro which I thoroughly love. I was totally amazed to see it at Walmart. Thanks for the photos.

  3. Patrick Coffey says:

    I tip my hat to you Jill…..you embraced instead of disgraced your 1962 bathrooms original design (I love the pink fixtures against the two tone gray tile and the white walls) . I think you bathroom looks awesome, and what is more appropriate than having a picture of John (Lennon) in the John…LOL (sorry I could not resist) as well as well as the rest of the Beatles too….I am not much into retro as I am into the real thing but you mixture of both makes your bathroom look like it is a fun place to…er…um…pass the time (I swear…no pun was intended on thatr last one).

  4. Chris Holroyd says:

    You are so clever, what a great idea. It really takes me back. Think of all the stuff we should have saved!
    Love, Mom

  5. Ann Edwards says:

    I need the blue/gray tile pictured in Jill’s bathroom! I am refurbishing my bath and keeping the tile…but I need a few replacements. Any idea on where to find them?

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