Margaret Roach of A Way To Garden

It was 60 degrees in the Berkshires yesterday. Spring spring spring is in the air, and you can smell the mud. I’ve already start making plans to get my hands seriously dirty in the garden, especially out back where I will be entering Year 9 of Landscaping The Forest. These days, I have the best inspiration yet in Margaret Roach and A Way To Garden. Margaret is a kindred sister blog-a-lot, and she and I alternated as pep talker and pep talkee as we both muddled through our dark cold days of winter blog refreshes — blog refreshes are what you do when you can’t garden. Her updates turned out great — and oh my, her site is a treasure trove. Go over and dig in — there are tips for pruning, mulching, growing tomatoes, making pickles, great shrubs, great perennials and more more more. She also has an acerbic weekly cartoon, lots of critter tales, a demon cat who would trounce my retro wonder dog, and oh — a drop-dead mouthwatering gorgeous garden, of course. Go, Margaret!

  1. handyandy says:

    Wow Pam! Thank you ! As a serious student of the Depression Years, it was a real treat to find these over at ‘Margaret’s Place’. . I lust after those posters!

  2. Janice says:

    Oh my gosh! Now I have something else to distract me when I’m supposed to be working! Second to looking for the next exciting mid-century treasure, gardening is my passion. Which explains my hysteria when I came home from work yesterday and found two of my Nandinas chewed almost to the ground by rabbits. When my husband commented in his unaffected way, “They’ll grow back” I truly wanted to smack him with the paintbrush that I seem to always have in my hand these days. Thanks for the lead on this great blog Pam!

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