Animal Rescue – Adopt a Shelter Pet stamps and the Halo meals campaign

The U.S. Postal Service is introducing these fantastic Animal Rescue – Adopt a Shelter postage stamps on April 30. In addition, Halo pet food — which is co-owned by Ellen Degeneres — has become involved and is donating a million meals to animal shelters. The story behind the adorable photos on the stamps: Photographer Sally Andersen-Bruce found these beautiful, adopted pets in her hometown of New Milford, Connecticut. Each of these animals was given a good home thanks to animal rescue shelters and the families who adopted them. After adopting Astro via Denise and her Schnauzer Paws rescue, I’ve become more and more aware of this issue. Way to go, U.S.P.S., Sally Andersen-Bruce, Denise, Ellen Degeneres, Halo — and to everyone who takes good care of their pets. Good on you, all! Read more about the Animal Rescue Adopt a Shelter Pet stamps and campaign here… and plan on stocking up on these stamps come April 30 (I’ll do a reminder then, too.)

  1. hazeljane says:

    That is fabulous! Jim and I run a rescue for Italian Greyhounds in Tulsa.(Hazeljane’s Blessings IG Rescue) I also LOVE it that the site links directly to Petfinder. How great is that? The shelters are under such strain.

  2. I saw and tried to buy these last week at the PO. I’ll be getting mine next week. I’m a convert already: Elvis and Pearl, my two kitties, are both shelter adoptions. What a great way to build awareness of the shelter pet adoption option!

  3. Annie B. says:

    Thank you, Pam! All of our pets are rescues. So glad to see these stamps and to know the extent to which others are involved in this wonderful cause. Yes, please do remind us when the stamps are available.

  4. denise says:

    ohhhhhh, I’m such a bad foster mommy — even I didn’t know about these! ….and these pics were done in CT — and only about 45 minutes from me! Thanks for letting us know.

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