Pamela of the perpetual pink potty palaces… oh my

Oh my goodness. Our resident collage artist laureate Mel Kolstad created this little surprise: A collage: “Pamela, Princesa of the Perpetual Pink Potty Palaces.” How silly can I (or Mel, or we) get all in the name of Save The Pink Bathrooms — where BTW more than 350 pink patriots to date have taken the pledge to preserve their pink paradisos. My favorite, which I have declared the official STPB Pledge:

“I hereby pledge to prevent the pulverization of period perfect pink potties and to persevere over pressure to part with my practical pedestal where my pint size prince and princess piddle…I Promise!” — Lou.

Click right here to make pledge to Save The Pink Bathrooms and while you’re there, share your pink bathroom reveries. And for the collage: Thank you, Mel. I think.  See more of Mel’s work on her flickr site.

  1. Karma says:

    I live in the Seattle area in a mid-century modern and am repairing/remodeling the bath. It required tearing out the pink porcelain tub, sink & toilet, all of which are in good condition. Could you please suggest how can I gift these to someone who will appreciate and utilize them? Your website is lovely and a testimony to a gentler era in our American history, thank you!

    1. pam kueber says:

      Thank you Karma, for offering these… I suggest craiglist or your local Re-Store Habitat for Humanity.

  2. Amy Hill says:

    Someone on Facebook asked for Mel’s website. She is a very talented artist and ought to to well when she does start taking commisions for her artwork. This is just too cute! Are you going to hang it in your powder room?

    1. pam kueber says:

      Click onto Mel’s name in this post – and it will take you to more info about her including her two websites. I have also just added a direct link to her flickr site at the end of the post. Sorry for the oversight! And YES, Mel is mega-talented, I adore her work. The collage itself is an ATC — an Artist Trading Card — small, like 2″ x 3″, I have it in my office with the rest of my Mel collection. 🙂

      1. Amy Hill says:

        You have a collection? LUCKY! I found a frame for mine and hung it in the dining room. My favorite piece of art in the whole house!

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