EVERYONE tells Guy & Rosanna to update their 1960s time capsule– but they find us, instead!

Another time capsule saved. More new Retro Renovation friends. Guy writes:

Hi Pam,

Hello -First, let me thank you for your site. I just closed on a 1960s “time capsule” house and I was so glad to find that there are others who like that kind of thing! The 1960s decor is why my wife and I bought the house, then EVERYONE (relatives, inspectors and electricians) mentioned how the house would be great once it was updated.  We started wondering if keeping the house “as is” was a good idea. Then we found your site and realized WE WEREN’T ALONE! Thanks!!

The house has vintage wallpaper (including a patriotic themed paper with George Washington and such), a turquoise stove, a built in planter (with fake plants that are at least 30 years old… probably older), an unusal tiki-type plastic small mural, a blue and a pink bathroom.

The house was also in fantastic shape (other than a little peeling on the wallpaper seams and some loose edges on the linoleum floor.) Attached are some of the photos I took yesterday (electricians were updating the aluminum wiring and adding outdoor outlets… some things MUST be updated!)

Click on first thumbnail to launch slide show; look for the arrows below each image to move forward or back.

I responded right away to Guy’s note, of course, asking for photos and more of the “back story.” I always like to hear what the real estate agent said!  Guy responded:

We were searching for a house and in passing my real estate agent mentioned how “crazy” the wallpaper was in a house she had seen earlier that day. As soon as she mentioned the patriotic wallpaper and the turquoise stove we knew that we would buy that house.

We bought the house from an older gentleman who said he had kept everything pretty much the same as when he bought it in 1981. Built in 1964 he said the house had had 6 previous owners and they were mostly short term employees of a nearby company.

I think these two factors kept this house from being updated and looking like every other house in town.

What we like about retro houses is that every room has a different feel. The colors and patterns just bring a house to life.

The house is located in Central NJ.

I look forward to reading anything you post! And thanks again for all your hard work on retrorenovation-com-staging.enwf9w61-liquidwebsites.com.

Thank you, Guy, and Rosanna, for saving some of these wonderful features. Sounds like your house found the right owners and that you two are all set to have fun.

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On a serious note: Your vintage floor tiles may not be “linoleum” — I’m guessing they are some form of vinyl — and old vinyl flooring can contain asbestos. Be sure to consult with a pro so you know what you are dealing with and can make informed decisions about how to handle it. And while I’m in Precautionary Pam mode, this is a good time to remind all owners of vintage homes to study up on things like asbestos, lead paint, electrical wiring, even safety glass in windows and shower doors, etc. There are some links on my sidebar — from the EPA and like — to get you started with some online research. That said: Connect with some professionals who can help keep you on the right track.

  1. Amy says:

    Congratulations on your new home! That patriotic wallpaper is amazing. The whole thing is so perfectly vintage. You should consider having a local location scout check out your house to see if it would be suitable for film or production shoots.

    From the last photo, I’m guessing you are Walt Disney World fans, or at least recent visitors, which gives you bonus points in my book.

  2. MC Keith says:

    My 1970’s bicentenial waste paper basket, I had as a kid in my bedroom, is still in use – and would be perfect for you patriotic room (along with the eagle motif lamps -in storage) Also, my parents first fridge, a 1957 International Harvester (bought for their newly built house at the time) .. is still in use in their basement, and incidentally is the same model in Monica’s apartment on the TV show “Friends”

  3. Dana says:

    Thank you, thank you, thank you for not tearing this house up to “renovate”! I’ve seen thousands of homes as a real estate professional and the newer ones just seem to lack an element I can only describe as “heart”. They all look alike, they’re all overbuilt, they are not at all interesting, and current tastes in furnishings are in many cases just appalling. I’m excited to see your patriotic wallpaper as we have this in my fiance’s home, a 19th century Victorian with a c.1970 update. He also has a pastel yellow bathroom from the same era that we plan to fluff but not tear out. Your house is a gem!

  4. gsciencechick says:

    We had that patriotic wallpaper growing up! It was in a brother’s bedroom. It was popular during the bicentennial lead-up, so early to mid-70’s.

    Very cool you have both a blue and a pink bathroom, and they’re both awesome. I’ve seen that matching blue toilet seat at Lowe’s, too.

  5. nina462 says:

    you are amongst friends here at this site! if you’re looking for furnishings, check out retro stores & antique fairs/stores.
    I do love your house – welcome to the neighborhood

  6. maddy says:

    Wow, FUN! I think all the period touches are whimsical and will really make your house stand out when people come to visit. Some visitors just won’t “get it,” but that’s ok. The planter is too much. I think you could have a lot of fun with it. Enjoy your house and best of luck with it.

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