United we stand, on that fine line between genius and insanity, precipitously balanced on a pink faux fur MIB Counsel bathroom scale

Edwin writes:


Okay, I am really getting out of control. Check out what I just bought. I think I am losing my mind, lol, though I am having a blast losing it.

Edwin in Charlotte

Oooooh, and a 32-bids-bidding-war. That is too exciting. I have never had one of those before. Well, I respond to Edwin, we are Archeologists. Keep fighting the good fight, hunting the good hunt, and oh yeah, NEVER EVER EVER stand on a bathroom scale, vintage or new. Very dangerous.

Item Description
This is a vintage 1964, unused, hot pink w/ faux fur “Counselor” bathroom scale by Brearley. It has been sealed in the box for over over 40 years until it was removed for photos. This is a rare find that you won’t find anywhere else in this condition, and I only have one! Don’t miss out!

Size: 11.25″ x 9.25″ x 2.5″

Condition: Unused (new). Small 1/16″ paint chip near the bottom left corner – see photo below. Comes with the original box.

    1. TappanTrailerTami says:

      Wow, not the response I expected – it appears the remodeling contractor posted that ad, here is what he sent back:

      “these people are in their late eighties and have been in the house since it was new !!!!!! they don’t even understand the fuss !!!!!”

      So, the late eighty year old house owners no longer want pink!

    1. Pencils says:

      Hey, that’s our upstairs tub and toilet! Except ours are yellow. But ours aren’t going anywhere, we love ’em! (Our sink is different, the kind with chrome legs.)

  1. Gavin Hastings says:

    According to The Inflation Calculator, this treasure only cost you 9.99……in 1970 dollars.

    A great score and a great deal!

  2. Tut says:

    The fact that that thing even exists in the first place restores my faith in humanity. Somebody actually thought of putting fake fur on a scales. And somebody actually thought up that color. Oh, Rockford, Illinois, the home of Cheap Trick. That explains why something that cool exists.

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