Broan-Nutone Heat Vent-a-Lite with white powder coated grille

This Broan-NuTone model #9093WH Heat Vent-a-Lite has a retro look, what with the retro grille. 

The write up actually indicates four functions (if I am reading it correctly): Light, nightlight, ventilation fan or fan-forced heater. These can be controlled via a wall switch with separate on/off controls for all four functions… Or, it may be used with any standard in-line thermostat to control the heat cycle. I can’t speak to the quality — things don’t seem to be made like they used to — but if you have a bathroom and want an extra touch of heat when you need it, this might be a solution worth looking into. This Nutone #9093WH looks to be widely available at big box retailers or even Amazon.

  1. Al Humbert says:

    I have 2 of these units in my old house and 2 in my current house. They work a long time with no trouble. The noise is average and they stay nice looking. I think that fits the purpose.

  2. BuzWeston says:

    Other than being white instead of stainless, this is identical to the unit my parents installed in 1966. It’s been in constant production since the sixties. What could be more retro? I think you can still get it in stainless.

  3. ScathingJane says:

    I have this fan in two bathoroms now. The heat function is a savior. The ones I have don’t seem that loud. You do know they are on, but you can easily talk.

  4. Maureen says:

    It doesn’t look all that retro in person. And the fan is as loud as an airplane taking off! I just put one in my bathroom remodel and I am not satisfied with it at all. 🙁

    1. Tut says:

      That sure sounds like the original. 🙂 When you switch the vent in my parents’ on or off, it sounds like somebody whacked it with a hammer.

  5. Tut says:

    The grille looks pretty much like the one in my parents’ bathroom, circa 1970. It’s hard to improve on a classic design. Although I wish this one was stainless steel instead of white, because I need to install one in our master bath.

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