Can you spot the authentic-vintage vs. the repro-vintage in this photo? Authentic vintage: Swimsuit, vintage Vera towel and framed botanical print … Repro vintage: Flowered bathing cap — and Nancy’s yellow bathroom! Nancy writes:
Pam  – I am just back from vintage clothing shopping.  I found this bathing suit from the 50’s.  I didn’t remember that they were just made out of cotton?!  Anyway, it went great w/ the swim caps I had gotten from Vermont Country Store.  Now, if we just had a pool in this 100 degree weather!


Thank you, Nancy. Keep cool, everyone.

  1. zena says:

    I remember even back in the 80’s the little old ladies wearing those caps. I used to want to go over and touch their heads. I love those hats!

  2. Glamorlux Nancy says:

    Cute! I have a similar suit, made of cotton, with a little skirt and tie belt. I also have some that are stretchy. They are surprisingly form-fitting, sexy and have totally held up over the years. They don’t make ’em like they used to! 🙂

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