A truckload of vintage Crane sinks, mint-in-box: Feast your eyes

John, the sales manager at deabath.com, has become an online friend. He helps me with bathroom questions sometimes… and reports that he has a “kitchen with really cool white-with-gold-fleck laminate in it.  And a ’52 ford truck in pieces in the garage.” John recently sent me this tempting update:

Hi Pam,

Was up in Portland OR for a wedding, wound up doing some shopping as well…. We scored a load of late ’50’s and early ’60’s Crane fixtures still in their boxes.  Most all in a lovely shade of persian red, but never installed.  Sorry, no pink ones….:( This was quite the find! In the first pic [now shown directly above-pk], there are a couple boxes and buckets. Those are full of new, unwrapped towel bars, soap dishes, and other bath fittings. All dating to the late ’50’s.  I can hardly stand it…..

John V.
DEA Bathroom Machineries

Thank you, John. You have one of my dream jobs. Disclosure: Deabath advertises on my site. I strive to ignore such bourgeios details and only post what catches my fancy and/or serves the needs of my demanding public. Of course, I appreciate their support of the blog (baby needs a new pair of shoes), and I encourage readers to take a look at their wares. 

Check out deabath.com here: Deabath.com – colored fixtures.

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