Reader Megan shares a great find with us — images from a NOS box of vintage Ceratile tile samples, likely from the 1960s. One look at these designs — and a (plain) pink bathroom will seem downright… boring. Here’s her story on these vintage tile samples:
I found these Ceratile samples at an estate sale a few weeks ago and picked up the whole box for $1 🙂 They had some NOS tile too, but it was just plain white. I love the Mardi Gras pattern the most. The Carnival photo didn’t come out very well but the grey strips are smudgy, almost like charcoal streaks, on the actual tile. So pretty! The solid color tiles & the pink swirly one were in the box too, but don’t have any markings on the back. I did a little research on the company but all I could come up with was an old catalog offered for sale at  Master Tile Company is also out of business. I don’t know how old these are, but the people at the estate sale estimated early 60s because that was when the homeowner redid his bathroom.  I also showed them to the designers in my office and they speculate these would have been “high-end” finishes for the time (and may be at least partially hand painted). Hope you enjoy!

Thank you for sharing, Megan — what a delicious find.

To view slide show, click on the first thumbnail, and move forward or back via the arrows below each image.

  1. Samantha Coplen says:

    Wow!!! I am so happy you posted this because it solves a mystery for me! My house was built in 1955 and has two bathrooms with the pink swirly tile like the one in the sample pictured here. Our bathrooms will probably get an overhaul in a year or so because of bad plumbing and I hope I can salvage my pink swirly tiles.

  2. Connie says:

    Love, love, love Snow Flake! And Harlequin comes in a close second. Why don’t they make cool stuff like this any more??
    Its just so depressing going into a tile store and seeing beige as far as the eye can see. How is it people have become so conservative in their tastes when we used to buy stuff like this? Sigh. Its enough to make this little (former) art school girl cry. At least funky wallpaper is coming back in style.

  3. midmodms says:

    I kept thinking I’d found my favorite, until I saw the next picture. No favorites, I can’t choose!

  4. Mstark says:

    I’ll look but the ones I didn’t show the backs of didn’t have name colors. But at least I can get u the manufacturer. Plus the photo belies the true color. I’ll get on in the sun and maybe it will be better.

  5. Mstark says:

    Also dwell I’d making some nice patterNed tiles now and though not this cool they at at least more interesting than plain field tiles.

  6. mstark says:

    OK – looking again it is a pretty good photo – a nice light gray with no blue undertone. The back says Santa Anna Tile Co. and the number 203 is written in pen on the back. The other similar tiles also have 3 digit numbers written on the back, so I’m thinking this is their product number. Good Luck!

  7. aim4123 says:

    WOW!!! So glad to see this here. I live in Houston as well and our home was a custom build in 1962. The hall bath has the Stardust tile. I NEVER thought I’d be able to find any info on it. Such a great find!!!

  8. katybug says:

    Like Samantha, I have a 1955 bathroom in the swirly tile, but rust instead of pink. I agree with you, Pam–a little goes a long way! An entire bathroom of swirly tile is overpowering.

  9. DCP says:

    Ceratile’s “bouquet” was in the architect’s specifications for one if the bathrooms in my house. I can’t find an image of it. Megan, do you still have the sample box, and if so, is “bouquet” in there?

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