Mid century lighting at Amy’s replicated with Rejuvenation’s Jantzen light

The original, mid century ceiling fixture (above) in Amy’s house has a pretty darn good match in Rejuvenation’s Jantzen lighting fixture (left). Amy’s 1962 light looks to me to extend about 12″ from the ceiling. You can customize the Jantzen starting with a 12″ drop — all the way to 200″ drop. The Jantzen also can made with your choice of 12 different finishes. To get Amy’s, I’d say brushed brass (shown in ‘branded’ R) is the way to go. Note: The Rejuvenation light holds three bulbs, which is a lot of light, but this is a fixture that provides “semi-indirect” illumination — meaning it is going to provide a wash of light for the whole room. But  look, the light is pointing *up*, so if your goal is to get a lot of light onto the kitchen or dining room table, you might want to consider another fixture with that specific goal in mind. Jantzen light, $475 at Rejuvenation.

  1. Elizabeth Mary says:

    Hi Pam,

    Just want to add a couple of comments about this type of lighting — where the light points up instead of down. In my dining room is just this sort of light, with 3 light bulbs and I love how it lights the room, and not the table. Also, it is on a dimmer so if I need a lot of light — say, to do some work at the table — I put it up full force. But, when I have company for dinner, I dim the light and light the candles as well, getting the perfect amount of light.

    My only real concern is what I am going to do when one of the bulbs dies and I have to figure out how to get over the glass shade and into the inner workings to change it — all without standing on the table, which will be sort of in the way. So, I am hoping that day does not come very soon.

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