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A top commenting rule on the blog is, “No one can be made to feel bad for their choices.” So I am breaking my own rule and will probably regret it. However, I can no longer contain my rant against “greige” — that drab, virtually colorless, gray-green-brown-beige — that has begun to permeate the contemporary interior design world. Above: from Restoration Hardware. This is their second season, at least, deep into the doo doo (pun intended) of greige. I know times are really tough, and that a somber mood, on many occasions, is called for. But, this palette (can you even call the absence of color a palette?) … makes me depressed. I encourage the secret society of people who plan the “hot colors” for years forward to, instead, consider promoting a palette that reminds us to smile… that lifts us up… that gives us some hope! We Americans are an optimistic, extroverted, hard-working bunch, and we’ll pull out of this malaise. We are Not a Greige Nation. Oh and one more thing: Please remember that the Marketing Machine wants to convince you to throw out everything you bought five years ago for whatever is new today. Train your own eye, surround yourself with what makes You happy, and ignore what any trend pundits — including me-ish — say.

  1. Laurel says:

    Much as I think about going black, grey and white in the kitchen, the rest of the house is in colors like BM French Lilac, BM Innocence, Apple Froth, and BM Sugar Plum….I keep looking at paint flyers and every one of them says my choice in color is juvenile, or is more appropriate in kid’s rooms. I just thought i liked Pure tints not shades. Nice to hear some one else really likes colors. I hate beige walls or any colors dulled down with black. One of my family members had the whole house painted in a color called celery. it was a dulled down yellow. I thought it looked like the entire house was painted in old urine. She liked it anyway……

  2. Laurel says:

    …And along he same lines, I tried painting all the house trim in brown–a neutral selling color. I really hate it. it looks awful next to the brick. Will paint over as soon as I can afford it.

  3. Sharon says:

    hello. I have been lurking on this blog for a while. I was born in a mid century modest house that had lots of color on the walls. I now live in a 1970’s condo. I h*** [edited] dull depressing colors such as greige, grays, etc. My living room is currently a dull shade of white, but I plan to have it painted in a soft shade of light green (sherwin williams nurture green or haven). I am looking at various paint colors for the other rooms. I plan to paint my main bath a pretty shade of light peachy pink. I do not understand why so many designers like ugly neutral grayish colors in every room. I live in Ohio and in the winter months, it can get very dull and grey outside. I like having something bright and cheerful to come home to.

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