Resist the Greige Nation: Graveyard of the Atlantic

I restrained myself for a whole month. But, after my recent outburst to Resist The Greige Nation, I have potent new ammo to go after this color trend a second time, namely: Pionite’s new kitchen countertop laminate, aptly named: Graveyard of the Atlantic. Do I really need to say more? Did that ever stop me?: Greige Nation = A freezing cold dark drowned death at the bottom of the sea, crabs and snails with no eyes and ghoulish sea monsters eating away at your flesh, your lifeless body sinking sinking sinking into the mushy nothingness of the earth, the weight of the salty water upon you, no proper burial possible… the light, the love, all human warmth… forever gone. *I slap myself and snap out of it.* Gray is fine, and even the color greige is fine, and I like some of the other colors in the new Pionite collection a lot. But, I just don’t think that a tsunami of greige Everywhere is what we need as a country right now, nor do I believe we are a Greige people. This is color marketing run amok amuk amuck. IMHO. Have A Nice Day. 🙂

  1. pam kueber says:

    Sounds great, Michelle! I have nothing against the color per se — it’s the current-day trend of marketeers encouraging homeowners to saturate their homes in it. I find it extremely ironic: Most people say they want lots of light in their house. But, if you put gray on everything — it sucks the light right out of the place!

  2. Felicia Alexander says:

    I’m chiming in very late in this seven-year-old conversation, but Pam, your 2010 rant still rings so very true! Still so many “Death Star” house flips! Still so many cold non-color “colors,” even though greige is now being supplanted by stark, antiseptic 1960s-hospital white and dark, dark blackish espresso brown. Still “the light, the love, all human warmth… forever gone.” If not “Graveyard of the Atlantic,” still (as Annie B. suggested back in ’10) “Ad for Prozac.” Sigh.

  3. Sharon says:

    I have another pet peeve about new home designers. They all love to paint stained wood baseboard trim white. They say that stained wood trim baseboards are ugly and outdated. I personally don’t see anything wrong with stained wood trim, as long as they are in good shape. People lived with stained wood trim back in the 50’s , 60’s and 70’s and did not have a problem with it.

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