1960s-eichler-style-home-color-schemeWell, the color schemes from this 1968 Sherwin Williams brochure are finally pushing my tolerance level. Folks are getting just a little too crafty for their own good. The color scheme for the Eichler style home – with its high, beamed ceilings, is very pleasing, though. 9 more photos, including some trying interiors, after the jump….

To view the slide show, click on the first thumbnail. Once it’s enlarged, click on the arrow below to move forward or back. You can start the slide show from any spot…

  1. Alice says:

    Thanks Pam! Now I have a new phrase to use when explaining my home “A KALEIDESCOPE of renovation phases!”

  2. vivian says:

    i thought it was just me, my computer and my bifocals. Pam, thanks for the help to see the images. i hit control + and then escape – and viola!!! enjoying your site more than ever!

  3. Maryanna says:

    Anyone else notice that in image #7, the text describes a little boy who likes to play with lead soldiers?? Was it really that recent that children were still given lead toys? Little details like this remind me that things actually have changed in many ways in the last 40 years. 🙂

  4. There is some quality to these vintage images that dates them. We painted our kitchen orange, bedroom a kind of cardboard box brown, dining room light green and living room baby blue in our old apartment and they were very bold colors. I bet if I could take photos and add whatever quality that these photos have, our choices might have given us pause for consideration. Perhaps it is just the age of the paper / pigments? Maybe it was intended as the prevailing winds were pushing toward the dull of Avocado and away from pop of Pink?

    1. Elaine says:

      I was thinking about that, the colors are pretty high saturation, LOTS of color. In the early 70s, we had the bright yellow walls like in pic 5 in our dining room, trimmed in a periwinkle blue. The living room was green like in pic 4, maybe a little brighter, also trimmed in blue. They were very bright. Somehow at the time they were the greatest thing ever. Now I am happiest with what are comparatively just the merest hints of color. LOL!

    1. Wendy McLemore says:

      I also have the same issue as Amy…I would love to see a larger pic and text. (I’ve tried double-clicking, but it brings me back to the original multi-image pic…)
      In any event, I love your website/blog! I look forward to each new post…

      1. pam kueber says:

        Wendy and Amy — are you on old versions of Internet Explorer? For example, anyone on IE6 is going to have all kinds of trouble surfing the web. #1: Make sure you are on the very latest version of the browser. Can you check this, then let me know?

        1. Amy Hill says:

          Yes, I have the same problem with the 1940’s kitchen post. I just finished doing the Windows update Explorer 8 (I should have thought of that, but had a blonde moment), and the pictures are larger, but still not enough to read the text.

          I have a standard size laptop and a little notebook computer. Guess this is as good as it’s going to get unless I get a larger monitor.

          Anyway, thanks for reminding me to check for updates and not wait til it reaches critical mass!

          1. pam kueber says:

            The images are all scanned in at 920 pixels wide. I have a feeling that the way they display on any given computer is due to that computer’s setting. On my 24″ monitor, yes, they are way bigger than on my standard laptop. One other idea: Hit Control+ to enlarge any given image. When I do this several times it for sure gets bigger enough to read the text. However, I have to then Escape to get back to the show, Control- the screen again and start over. I am really on the run with work right now, I’ll try to get my tech support $$ to help me to ID the solution if there is one, but it may take some time. Any tech savvy readers out there who may have a better idea or solution – feel free to post it here….

  5. Amy Hill says:

    When I click on whatever you have scanned in, it’s just a tiny little thumbnail picture and very hard to really see. Is there something I’m doing wrong, or what? It’s every single time you have all the little pictures.

    It would also be nice to be able to read the text on these. The picture would have to be much larger.

    Thanks, Amy

  6. nina462 says:

    I must admit I had the jungle green bedroom as a little girl (with white furniture). My best friend had a white bedroom with jungle green furniture.
    I also had a lovely green/gold shag rug – Yeah, I had style way back then. Ha!

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