1969-living-room-with-great-picture-arrangementThe Brady Bunch began airing in 1969 — their birthday was just a few days ago, Sept. 26. This 1969 paint color brochure from Benjamin Moore is not featuring their house, but it might as well be.  The colors that dominated the upcoming 70s era are all here: Empire Gold, Mango Orange, Wedgwood (aka Avocado) Green, Tobacco Brown…. The 1969 living room above isn’t exactly Carol Brady — she and architect Mike had the mod California split level thing going on… but I particularly like the arrangement of prints and wall plaques. This is definitely “coolonial” decor, groovy in its own right. Click through for 14 more images from 1969, some of which are sure to have you scratching your head saying, Marcia, Marcia, Marcia!…

To view the slide show, click on the first thumbnail. Once it’s enlarged, click on the arrow below to move forward or back. You can start the slide show from any spot…

  1. jkaye says:

    Our house was full of brown, gold and green stuff. Not much orange. That collection of wall decor in the first photo makes me think of another big trend back then, which was to have a family photo gallery somewhere in the house, such as the family room. It featured all of the kids’ school photos, family portraits, and those big frames filled with lots of little squares and circles for snapshots. They’d be arranged in a similar fashion as the elements in that photo, with a variety of frame styles and shapes. My grandma still has hers on the wall, and it is such a hoot to look at — the men in their leisure suits and big sideburns, and the ladies with shag haircuts.

  2. Annie says:

    Oooo! Thank you for this! My mobile home is from 1969. I love this time period and love (most of) the original features left in my little house.

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