Hippie decor & more 1960s interior design ideas — 15 pages of rooms from 1969

1969 bedroom painted blueCirca 1969 my Uncle Robert and Aunt Judy were like hippie American Pickers. Uncle Robert was the youngest of my dad’s brothers, and Aunt Judy was a Texas beauty with big hair, short miniskirts and go go boots. Together they were totally groovy. During Sunday drives (remember those?!) around rural southern California (remember that?!), I guess we used to caravan together, because I remember them making everyone stop their cars to dig into seedy roadside junk stores and worse — abandoned farmhouses  — to look for treasures. The extended clan was horrified, but I was thrilled, of course. Looking at the interior above, I can certainly imagine Uncle Robert and Aunt Judy having an apartment like this… notice the narrow brass bed, the old trunk, and the persian rugs.  I do think this is one of the first interiors I’ve noticed that reflects the hippie-antique aesthetic that surely existed as a bonafide 1960s style category. Mind you, the marketing materials I use on the blog were not likely aimed at the Whole Earth dumpster diving crowd. Click on through for 14 more images from this 1969 Sherwin Williams paint brochure.

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  1. yaz says:

    I love this site! I’m in the process of making my bedroom into a late 60s/early70s theme and the pictures here are a great inspiration!

  2. Linda Wylie says:

    I need help, I have a ranch style house built in 1962, the master bath has pink tile 3/4 way up the wall with rose colored bathtub and commode. I had to replace the sink, (though I still have the rose pink bowl) the cabinet was in such bad shape, I am thinking of doing the upper wall with some sort of black/white wallpaper and black/white accents. Comments????

    1. Marsha says:

      How big is your bathroom? The black/white would be lovely with the rose, but a small bathroom would be overwhelmed by too much black.

  3. Robert says:

    This is my favourite era for home decor.
    The term “shabby chic” hadn’t yet been invented, but the ethos for it was well underway. “If it looks good, use it” could have been the motto of the day.
    A Welbilt spherical 8 Track Stereo system in the company of a restored piece of Victorian furniture? Eclectic for sure, but it beat the visual drudgery of a rich aunt’s cookie cutter decorating, or getting my legs accidentally glued to her plastic sofa slip covers.

  4. Annie B. says:

    These slide shows of ’60’s decor have brought back so many memories of houses past and of times spent with my mother scouring the countryside in search of antiques. Every “junque” shop, auction, estate sale, etc. was irresitible to her.

    I was dragged along on these expeditions from a very early age. My mom was Aunt Judy and Uncle Robert rolled into one in the early ’60’s as she searched for treasures to fill the house she and my father built in 1964. She refinished every worthwhile piece and “antiqued” the rest with those Martin Seymour kits (right down -or up- to the drapery rods).

    Thanks, Pam, for all the memories and the lovely photos.

  5. Amy Hill says:

    Go rent “Foul Play” with Goldie Hawn & Chevy Chase for a period film with hippie chic decor. This is my favorite decorating style, mixing antiques with newer upholstered pieces.

    1. debbie fehrenbach says:

      I love the decorating style in Foul Play! I own the movie and whenever I watch it, admire the decorating style! 🙂 Glad someone else agrees with me!

  6. Elaine says:

    OK, I keep seeing my stuff in there. I still have the dining table and chairs from image 1. I don’t put the pads on the chairs, though. Wow, am I retro or what?

  7. Elaine says:

    I still have my trunk and Oriental rugs, also the Aladdin lamp that is in the same picture. The biggest thing that is different in the picture is, no computer on the desk. But check out the spiffy radio with digital readout, that was totally brand new.

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