Win a “Love the House You’re In” collage featuring your house

southern cottage bungalowAnnie B, a frequent commenter on the blog, won last month’s “Love the House You’re In” contest. Her prize: The lovely and talented Mel Kolstad immortalized her house in a collage, above. Mel writes:

I had a great time making this collage for Ann – I always love making them, but the fact that her house is still standing made it even better. Just a week or so before the contest, there was a tropical storm that rolled through North Carolina.  Many of Ann’s neighbors suffered major damage to their homes.  Thankfully, Ann’s house wasn’t hit as badly. Sort of gives a more poignant meaning to the phrase, “Love the House You’re In”, doesn’t it?  😀

To enter this month’s contest — and to win a custom collage featuring you and your house: Leave a comment on this post answering the question: What is your most prized possession? Please read all the rules here before entering, they all apply. I’ll pick a reader the last day of the month.

Meanwhile — thanks to Mel for another fabulous collage. You can find Mel’s collage works on flickr and her blog, Much Ado About Stuff.

  1. Diane says:

    My most prized possession is a Christmas angel tablecloth from the 1950’s which belonged to my mother. While it may not have monetary value, I have very fond & beautiful memories of this tablecloth, because when my brother & I were young we had to sit at the “children’s table” for Christmas dinner. My mother always used this tablecloth because it was the only one she had that fit the card table perfectly. It has a few light stains from our messy childish eating habits. Also, when my own 2 boys were old enough to eat at a table, they also used this tablecloth at my mother’s & their grandmother’s house on Christmas day. I love using this slightly faded & lightly stained tablecoth to this day, & when my own grandchildren get old enough to eat at a table, they will use this tablecloth also.

  2. Kelly Cornacchia says:

    This is such a difficult question to answer because there are things that have sentimental value, things that have monetary value, and things that just make me happy! I guess the one thing that actually makes me smile every single day is my beach blue Big Chill refrigerator. I know it’s new (and a copy of vintage at that!) but I just love it!

  3. My most prized possession is a small painting, which is approximately 12 inches wide and 6 inches tall, that my grandmother painted when she was in her early teens. She just turned 90 over the summer! Definately not mid-century, but sometimes family things trump the allure of mid-century pieces.

  4. ginny Poladian says:

    I think my favorite posession has got to be my dinosaur lamar. he is a vintage sinclair gas station dinosaur that i bought in lamar Colorado. He is on the flicker photo sharing page of Sinclair dinosaurs, lamar ,Co. He is 6’tall and 12′ long and is an Apatasaurus. He was santasaurus for our Xmas cards last year complete with boots,hat,and a wreath around his neck. He is truly the hit of the neighborhood. I’ve had people come by to have pictures taken with their kids on lamar”s back. he came all the way out here from Co. on a flat bed trailer pulled by my husband. he got honks and waves all the way to Az. A couple of days later we were all on the news. I am now in the process of preparing to have him reprimed,repainted and coated for protection from the sun. I REALLY love Lamar!

  5. Shelly says:

    Easy choice…our 1958 Universal Terra-Cruiser trailer, aka The Love Shack. It’s our lovely little vintage tin-can getaway in the mountains and is resplendent in pink accessories (sinks, tub, toilet, and gas stove)!

  6. Laura says:

    My most prized possession (other than children and cats, of course!) is my grandmother’s hutch. My grandfather had it made for her in the late 50s while they were stationed in the Panama Canal Zone. It’s been around the world several times and in too many stateside apartments and houses to count. With me, it’s been in three houses- each chosen because it had a dining room large enough to accommodate the hutch’s hugeness. It was designed to coordinate with her Heywood – Wakefield table and Windsor chairs, which it still sits next to. I feel so fortunate to be the grandchild chosen as “caretaker” and I use the drawers and shelves to store my horde of family letters, pictures, and china. When my uncle visited a few months ago, he sat down, said, “At this table, I feel like I’m about to be served chicken and rice!” One of grandma’s recipes. Grandmothers, mid-century hutches, unicorns… they’re all magic!

  7. Heather says:

    My most prized possession? The very first thought that popped into my head is my husband and son but I don’t own them so I don’t think that falls into the “possession” category. I can honestly say my most prized possession is my grandpa’s bible. He passed away in 1988. He was a very spiritual man, quite and mysterious in some ways. Didn’t say much but when he did, it made sense and made you stop and think. When my grandma gave me his bible a few years ago I took it home and began going through it reading his little notes next to each verse he found to be uplifting at the time. I noticed that the leather had come apart a little on the back binding so I peaked inside to see if there were any notes or letters he might have hidden in there. Inside I found a picture of myself I had given him many years back. I guess I like to think that out of all the grandchildren he had I was suppose to end up with his favorite book in the end. At least that’s the way I like to think of it. So, I do have many things I own that I really enjoy, especially my home but this is my most cherished for sure!

  8. Jacqueline Yunker says:

    Life and Health, my most prized and cherished possessions…it gives me the ability to do the wonderful things I do, and live the precious lifestyle I want in my post war home with my family. Couldn’t ask for more.

  9. Brian says:

    I’m in love with 8′ long circa 1960 danish teak dining table. By far my most prized. cherished possession.

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