Julie’s 1961 pink bathroom: After 12 years, from “never loved” to “not too bad”

pink and black bathroomOver on SaveThePinkBathrooms.com, Julie wrote:

We have lived in our 1961 tri-level for 12 years. I have never loved my pink (upstairs) bathroom but thanks to your website, I am seeing it in a whole new light. We’ve changed a few minor things (removed 80’s-era wallpaper, updated fraying-cord light fixtures, de-flowered the built-in planter, painted the vanity) but the peachy-pink essence of it remains. If I had ever had the funds for it, it would’ve been gutted in a heartbeat. But after looking at hundreds of photos of pink bathrooms I can honestly say, mine’s not too bad! I think I’ll keep it.

I swear I am not kidding:  I have told my husband that when I die, he will put on my gravestone, “She saved some pink bathrooms.” xoxo, Julie. Rock on.

  1. Lindsey Cota says:

    I love how it looks like you went with a modern classic look. those cabinets are amazingly cute and I really like how that really change the feel of the bathroom without changing the color.

    I have always thought pink and black are a great combo.

    1. Julie Jacobson says:

      Thank you. Luckily the wall tile is white and the floor tile is gray, so I just painted the walls to closely match the peach-pink tub / toilet / sinks (Martha Stewart Fountain Grass Pink). You can’t see it in the pic but the shower curtain is from Ballard Designs. It’s got a French vibe: plain white cotton with a black “J” monogram in the middle. I got floor rugs from Costco in gray/black shag. The vanity used to be white but it looks so much better black. Oh, and I painted the water lily that hangs over the toilet. I am realizing now that it’s so much more fun and creative to work with what you’ve got rather than start over! (I hope the next owners of our house think so, too.)

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