We hear from Nora following her pink kitchen and pink bathroom fame

happy owner of a pink kitchen and pink bathroomChristopher sent in the fabulous story about Nora (right) and her time capsule house:

Francisco and I were so excited to see the post about Nora’s kitchen and bathroom.  The response was amazing.  “You mean there are people out there who like my old wall oven?  It’s a relic,” Nora told us.  The warm words of encouragement and appreciation really made Nora’s day.  All her friends and family have been directed to your website.  Last night Nora sat down and composed the following letter for your readers:
“I’m Nora and I am so overwhelmed by all your beautiful compliments.  I feel ordinary, but after reading your kind words I feel special to be recognized by all you beautiful people.  Thank you all so much.  I love you and appreciate all your compliments.  You gave one lonely, old lady a purpose to go on.
Thank you,


How wonderful to hear from Nora! We love you back, Nora! And thank you, Christopher and Francisco, for introducing us, and for following up with Nora. You two get the good karma award of the month.

  1. Julie says:

    My daughter’s name is Nora. Hope she has this Nora’s spirit when she is her age. I think she will. My Nora has a vision and style that’s all her own, just like this sweet lady does. A special name for special women.

  2. Joe Felice says:

    “Lonely old lady?” You’ve got to be kidding! You could be my neighbor any time, but fresh-baked cookies would have to be part of the deal!

  3. gayla says:

    When Nora is done with her house, I think she should auction it off here on Retro Reno. I don’t care where it is located as I am retired and can move anywhere. I’d want to buy her mid century furniture, too. I know I would not be the only bidder and I have an idea that she would get top price as her fan club here would not think “old outdated” as the normal real estate market would. My 50 year old house has been modernized and would cost more than it is worth to (is down date the opposite of up date?) down date it. Living there would make me feel young again. like stepping back in time to when I was a kid in my parents mid-century. Where else can you find that feeling for sale?

    1. Heidi E. says:

      Interestingly, regarding the “feel young again” thing, I actually once read a study where putting elderly people in surroundings decorated in styles popular in their youth improved mental function and helped reduce symptoms of Alzheimer’s. So retro renovation may actually be good for your brain. I wish I had a link to it.

  4. bepsf says:

    Nora –
    You’re a beautiful, classy lady and you should be very proud of your home.
    Sending lots of love your way…


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