Magee plaid carpeting in 18 designs from Milliken

plaid broadloom carpet by millikenDay 1 of my plaid carpet mini-series, I found some really cheap and cheerful stuff. Day 2, it was expensive wool plaid carpet for the likes of Prince Charles. Today, my last day, Day 3: A series that looks to be in-between: 18 designs from Milliken, including a basic plaid and one named for the Magee clan. These all look pretty nice — I certainly like the range of colors.

Link: Milliken Magee Plaid Carpet in 18 designs. Tip: To find these design, go to “Search” in the navigation bar, then Type “Plaid” into the Keyword box.

  1. Catherine says:

    We’re about to start renovations of our bare (1950 colonial) basement. I want plaid carpeting (and wood panelling!)… and I think I’ve found some plaid carpeting that will be perfect. But will plaid carpeting be period-correct to the home? (That’s the point, after all.) So I’m searching for a history of plaid carpeting in homes. My husband believes plaid carpeting was mostly popular in the 70’s (like the 1978 “Forever Plaid” home featured last week). But I’m convinced it has more of a colonial-revival/ traditional kind of feel to it, and colonial revival homes have been around for a much longer time. Does anyone have any idea how long plaid carpeting has been around, and where/when it peaked in popularity?

  2. Gavin Hastings says:

    The Oxygen Line is really stylish!

    The other day I commented that I didn’t find too much “fun” in Tarketts “Fun Line”.
    Maybe the patterns of this carpeting could be somewhat reproduced in tiles or in sheet flooring?

    Now THAT would be “fun”!

  3. Diana of Mt. Lebanon, PA says:

    I like these Milliken plaid carpets the best because the colors are more earthy. And, I agree with Urbanitra that the Oxygen collection is worth viewing. Those seem to be tiles, like the Flor tiles, and these are pretty fun patterns and colors.

  4. Urbanitra says:

    You might also want to check out Milliken’s “Oxygen” collection. It’s not plaid, but there are some mid mod tendancies there.

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