Carpets, rugs and runners featuring 50 clan tartans – from Stevens & Graham circa 1947

tartan plaid carpets for 50 clansCall this my “Forever Plaid” series. I thought my miniseries on plaid carpeting was complete, but then I received this wonderful tip from “dcgrl”, who wrote:

Along these lines, there is also a Tartan carpet manufacturer in Scotland – Stevens & Graham. You can get a rug or carpet made in your clan’s tartan, if you have a clan. Or you can just pretend. Not sure about importing, though. I’ve been dreaming about this in my k.p. den forever.

Thank you, dcgirl. You know this is the kind of company I love to feature: Started up business in 1947 and still running. Their website says: “and runners made to any shape or size required, delivering all over the world.” Yes: A plaid stair runner! 80% wool/20% nylon – kind of the best of both worlds. Featured above: The Mackenzie Tartan. Link: Stevens & Graham.

  1. Dane says:

    I am about to purchase the Mackenzie Tartan rug (wall to wall) for my Spare room in the basement… I have always dreamed of this day… My goal is a Glasgow Classic Hotel!

    1. marco says:

      Hi Diane,

      Did you install your Mackenzie wall to wall yet?
      Im looking for two large Mackenzie area rugs for a commercial project I am working on… Just wondering who you used and if your happy with the final result.

  2. Jose Jordan says:

    I know Masland now has a Houndstooth pattern. This falls inline with these “woven textile” patterned carpeting.

    Might check under Masland Contract, as well, if you can’t find it under their residential line.

  3. John says:

    Hi Pam, this was a facinating post and as a kilt wearer I’d love to have my tartan made into a rug for my den.


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