Pammy gets crafty: A vintage felted wool dog sweater for Astro

dog sweaterI’m not always a bad-dog-mom, some times I am a good-dog-mom. Earlier this month I went to another workshop with Crispina ffrench, the guru of turning holey wool sweaters into beautiful felted wool creations. I am not so good at the “beautiful” yet… but I am purdy darn proud of this sweater I made for Astro. .
dog sweaterHere’s the sweater (and my boy) in profile. I made this dog sweater out of one side of a man’s wool sweater — the body is all one continuous piece — after I felted it (basically, washed and dried in all Hot.) The cuffs for Astro’s legs are the cuffs from the sleeves of the original sweater.

handmade dog sweaterI am SO in love with this boy. If you don’t know the story — he came to me via the blog — and the lovely Denise, who rescues  miniature schnauzers.

If you want to learn how to make felted wool creations of your very own — and I tell you, it’s EASY! — I highly recommend Crispina’s book (affiliate link).

  1. vintigchik says:

    Pam, what kind of flooring is Astro on in the last pic? That’s what was used in my grandparent’s 1959 home. It was the only flooring throughout the house. I know there’s was not cork, but sort of a tile that looked like cork. I’d appreciate any help, Thanks!

  2. Deb says:

    How perfect–a rescued sweater on a rescued doggie. Or is it an up-cycled sweater on an up-cycled doggie? Astro is one lucky guy. Maybe my lucky little rescued schnoodle will get an up-cycled sweater for Christmas. Thanks for the inspiration.

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