mediterranean-living-room-1976So last night I had to take Astro to the doggie emergency room.

1970s-crib-couchHe was choking and wretching and otherwise making me hysterical.

Fortunately, the wonderful vet at Pittsfield Veterinary Hospital figured out almost immediately that the boy had eaten burdocks.

1970s-patchwork-upholsteryThose are thistles, essentially, that had caught in his paw and beard.  He and I went for a long hike in Kennedy Park Saturday afternoon, so I am sure he got them there. Bad Mom. I did not even see them. They kind of blended in with his shaggy dog coat, and I am not a helicopter dog-Mom.

plaid-sofa-1976As a result, I did not get time to finish this post. I had loaded in the photos and was sitting in front of the computer about to start captioning them when all this drama started.

1976-living-room-by-kroehlerNow I am whipped. I think I will have a drink. Seriously.

1976-living-roomAren’t these 1976 sofas and loveseats and chairs and interiors from Kroehler an absolute gas? I welcome reader comments and captions expounding upon them. As all I can think about right now is Season 3 of Dexter on Netcast and a long tall cold vodka and orange juice.

To view the gallery, click on the first thumbnail … the image will enlarge on your screen … use the arrows below to move forward or back … you may start or restart at any slide:

  1. Paula Moore says:

    I have a Kroehler in excellent condition. I mean mint! I was going to have it recovered so it would finally match where ever i put it. (For once) Always sat in my bedroom coroner no one used all the years prior to me and i always draped a blanket over the back and side so no one coming into my room would mess that up so i can say for the last 31 yrs Ive cleaned it weekly and NOW I NEED TO KNOW THE VALUE AND HAVING IT RECOVERED WILL DRAG THE PRICE DOWN CORRECT?

  2. Deb says:

    Looking for a sofa the style of the last photo. 70’s, wood trim and buttoned back cushions. Several years ago I inherited a 70’s orangeish almost plaid platform rocker. I love the style and have been looking for a sofa to match the skirted style. Have looked at the newer versions, but nothing comes close really. I am looking for that style. If anyone has any ideas of where I can look I’d appreciate the contact information.

    1. pam kueber says:

      Hi Deb, I think on this one… you’re likely to have the most success sourcing vintage. Then, you may need to get the sofa upholstered…

  3. Cynthia says:

    Just got the new Restoration Hardware catalogue yesterday. Started thumbing through it and gasped out loud. Yes, there was a pit! It was absolutely gorgeous. You could live in that thing! Check it out!

  4. Selena says:

    I want the grey couch! LOL.

    When my husband and I were still dating, he inherited an avocado sofa and matching chair from his maternal grandmother. I LOVED them. They were put in the apartment above his folk’s garage, that we were going to finish and live in. While we were on a family vacation with my folks, his mom got a hair somewhere… and burned the chair and all the cushions to the couch! She would have burned that too, but couldn’t move it by herself.

    Her reason? She was angling us to take her Orange/Gold/Brown plaid sofa/sleeper set off her hands. For a studio apartment! I’ve since forgiven her moment of insanity, but one day, I will have my avacado set!!! (If mom would have burned the Lane coffee table and end tables that he got from grandma too… well, her and I may still have issues. LOL!)

  5. Rebecca says:

    Oh, the giant couch pit! Fun for kids, fun for teenagers. Until the sections move apart and someone start to fall into a crack.

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