pinch pleats from jc penneyI’m getting a lot of mileage out of the story about Dave and Kristin’s lovely mid century modern living room. They used J.C. Penney’s Supreme pinch pleat draperies on their windows. A commentor said these have been discontinued, but I’m still seeing stock available online. I also like the look of the Jewel Tex III, but I’d really need to see the fabric in person… In any case, it’s really hard to find pinch pleat draperies for sale off-the-shelf. JCP has the biggest selection that I have found so far. Also, they offer free ship-to-store, and if the purchase isn’t right, you can return the drapes via mail or take them back to the store (even if you ordered them online.)

JCP does not call out “pinch pleats” as a standalone category on their website. You must type “pinch pleat” into the search bar. Also, never buy curtains full price. There’s always a sale soon enough.


  1. kathy beck says:

    JCP no longer makes the old supreme drapes. You will be sorry you order the new supreme drapes. They are not at all like the old drapes. Very cheap made in china. They were JCP best selling drapes, the new version will not be!

  2. Sherry says:

    I purchased JC Penney Supreme pinch pleat drapes before they were discontinued and am finally getting around to hanging them on traverse rods. Can you clarify how to train them. They came sharply pleated, but the fabric between the pleats needs to come forward and not back toward the rod since the rod hinders it. So do I need to press out the existing creases in order to make folds in between each one? Or do I want that crease at each pleat plus a soft fold in between? Also, can I safely use a steamer without fear of shrinkage?

  3. Marge Bryant says:

    I would like to know if anyone with Penny’s Supreme curtains uses dry steam equipment to clean them. I have very high ceilings and the longest Supreme curtains and really need a light weight hand steamer or one with a long hose that is safe for these curtains. Or is there one that is safe and won’t cause shrinkage since they are dry cleanable? Just seems like a steamer would be a good idea to get inbetween the pleats and the draping valances that have so many folds. Any suggestions?

    1. Jennifer Tippens says:

      Bed Bath and Beyond has a style, “Paris” that is pinch pleat and also lined, and machine washable. You might have better luck with them. They feel pretty good in person – you can look at your local store, but they have more colors online.

  4. Hugh says:

    Thank God for good ole Penney’s. I remember years ago when I moved in a brand new apartment in Philadelphia, Penney’s was only place I could find draperies for sliding glass door in stock. It was the era when everybody had to have those vertical blind things.

  5. Jim says:

    I had no idea JC Penney was discontinuing the Supreme line….but I will say I’m not surprise about finishing issues. I have been in love with the Supreme drapes from JCP for about 15 years. I used them in my first apartment. When we bought our house in 2007, I ordered the Vintage Gold color to cover a very wide and tall window. About four or five months ago, I was redoing one of our guest rooms and ordered the Supreme drapes. I was REALLY disappointed to see that the finish was nothing like any of my other drapes. The pinch pleats themselves were SOOOOO tiny and skinny, and not like a normal pinch pleat.

    I was so frustrated, I ended up making my own pinch pleats…..lined and all!

  6. Angela says:

    Oh no! I had traverse rods in every room when I bought my house and got rid of them, and they were in great shape. What a dope I am! I wish I had found this site much sooner.

  7. I’m so glad I scooped up my Supreme pinch pleats before they disappeared, but sad that I can’t get a pair for another window. I’m doing the curtain rod and ring look myself. I just wasn’t a fan of the heavy look of the old traverse drapes. To each their own, right! Now I just need to get a handy friend to help me install the rod.

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