mid century modern tile from bungalow billAre you looking for ideas to decorate your mid century living room? I’m a big believer is mixing things up. 

Consider: Paintings in oil, acrylic or watercolor… Prints, posters, illustrations and botanicals… Framed architectural elements… Mirrors… Textiles… Mixed media… and art tiles — like those BungalowBill.com.

mid century modern tile red geraniums

I think that art tiles are often a forgotten option. In particular, look for sets of two or even better, three.

art tile from bungalow bill

Mid century modern tiles also are amazingly diverse in their styles. Lots of decorative happiness packed into a small, collectible packages.

  1. Jill says:

    Hey! I’ve been thinking about art tiles for a while…and as a “make it myself” kind of gal, I’ve been thinking it might be fun to find one of those “paint it yourself ceramics” places and design my own mod tile panel. Has anyone else out there tried it?
    (Which is not to say that all these tiles here are not utterly stunning and desirable…)

  2. BungalowBILL says:

    I teach people these are good pieces of art where traditional art cannot go. Tiles can go into direct sunlight and not fade, they can withstand the moisture of a bathroom or the grease over a cooktop in a kitchen and can be cleaned with window cleaner. You can even put them on a garden wall or fence and decorate your terrace, porch or breezeway all summer. Thanks for helping spread the joy of MCM tiles.

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