A Mamie pink bathroom for Jamie


In the wake of all the recent pink bathroom publicity, I received a slew of photos from folks feeling the luv. I am starting to go through all the emails, and how can I not start with the exuberant Jamie — and her Mamie pink bathroom. She writes:


I am a champion of your cause!  I bought my house in September 2005, and while the previous owners tried to hide the pink, I said, “Embrace the pink!”  It helped that I already loved all things pink and all things retro.

 pink bathroom

My bathroom is tiny, so it’s hard to get a perfect picture to capture the essense of pink.
mamie eisenhower pink bathroom

The walls and ceiling are all wallpapered in a small, pink, floral pattern, and the pink tiles cover the walls.  I enclose a couple photos that make a good attempt at doing it justice!

1950s mamie pink bathroom
Thanks for looking at and considering my photos!

— Jamie

No, thank YOU, Jamie. Anyone who gets in their bathtub with their cat is about guaranteed to get on the front page of this here blog. Such a gorgeous bathroom. The wallpaper is a great complement — superbly chosen. And the blingy atomic towel bar escutcheons — the perfect bathroom jewelry. Are those original? Highly highly sought after!  Who would, who could, EVER think of sledgehammering this with evil glee? xoxo, you go, girl!

  1. Jamie says:

    Oh, my! I have just stumbled upon this entry….almost a year later!

    I have no clue as to the origins of the tub or towel rack. All I remember are hours of scouring the tub to get rid of water stains. I am out of town now, but I will check out the tub more closely when I get home to see if I can find a brand.

    There’s a shower in the basement made of cinder block…not nearly as charming.

    I have no current plans to redo the bathroom. It’s small, but it’s overflowing with charm….and it’s totally me!

    And my cat has very little fear of water. She more so doesn’t like being held for too long

    Thanks for all the compliments!!!

    1. pam kueber says:

      Not sure — but the place to find these generally is ebay. I watch for them and post them when I see them…

  2. I love your pink bathroom & the fact that your cat will go near a bath tub with or without the water!

    Do you have any idea what company manufactured your tub & if I might be able to purchase one somewhere?

    We have a client who is in love with it.


    Maggie Keller

    1. pam kueber says:

      Maggie, Jamie’s tub is vintage, I am sure — vintage Kohler or American Standard, most likely. Best bet to find these is at salvage places, Habitat for Humanity/Re-Stores, or craigslist… I do not know of any manufacturer today that is making anything quite like it.

  3. Jamie.. I live in a 1954 split level house, and one of my bathrooms has coral-pink with blood-burgundy ceramic tile and trim.

    I am brave, so I paired it with a tomato catsup-red wallpaper, that has large coral-pink, burgundy, and golden-beige flowers on it, in a vertical pattern. Running through the flower is a ribbon of blue. I painted the ceiling blue to match the ribbon, and added clouds. I cut flowers from the wallpaper, and glued them on the ceiling, to extend the pattern from one surface to the other.

    My tub, and toilet are white. I painted the vanity, baseboard heating element, doors, and wood work in the room a “marbleized blue” that ties the whole effect together. In a way, adding a BOLD PATTERN, to the already STRONG color of the coral-pink, has a way of TONING it down a bit.

    If you ever think of making a change, and are BRAVE, how about a BLACK paper, with the coral-pinks on it??? You would be surprised how dramatic it would look!

  4. Jodi says:

    The pink and black tile in your bathroom is exactly the same colors that I have in mine. Alas no blingy towel bars though.

  5. Lauryn says:

    Wow, what a fabulous bathroom. Love the pink and black tile combination and especially love the ledge on the tub. Very glad the previous owners only tried to hide the pink, not demolish it! (Though I can’t for the life of me figure how anyone could hide all that pink!) Thanks for sharing, Jamie!

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